The Daily Photos 10.15.15



Nike Air Flight Ad – @classickicks


It’s funny to me that these used to be running shoes.

Air Max 1 Ad – @classickicks


I need the NBA in my life.

Nike LeBron 7 – @laonineteen80


I’m in love.

Air Jordan 1 – @_mivin


Doper than the blacks. But I’d still take the blacks and flip em for a few grand.

Air Jordan 5 – @pacmanbeezy


Broke so many necks with these in HS.

Air Jordan 9 – @frankybananas

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  • omar najeeb

    I’m BS’ing on those royal lows. Mighta missed on em altogether by now after not grabbing them the first weekend.

  • Creep

    They’re on sneaker steal for $129.00

  • omar najeeb

    My man…

  • MikeyDrums86

    Still on the hunt for those CTK for a good price