The Daily Photos 6.10.14


Nike must bring these back!

Nike Air Huarache – @thenewyen


Another OG we can’t get enough of.

Nike Air Max 1 – @b_represent


The sneaker that changed the camping game.

Nike Air Foamposite One – @premiokicks


A good look for ladies.

Nike LeBron 11 – @sneakinin


Sometimes you have to take advantage of NIKEiD

Nike Air Max 90 – @caropuccino


Everyone should visit Singapore at least once!

Nike RosheRun – @mellowedhigh@dimensionz

Like fine China.

Nike Lebron 9 – @dimensionz@jamrock_nycSo underrated.

Nike Air Max Sweep Thru – @jamrock_nyc

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  • omar najeeb

    Hauraches, minus that pant cuff, are lookin perr-ty good.

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    It’s beginning to look like the Messiah will return before my beloved OG Huaraches #smh

  • Huh

    Huh? Bring those huaraches BACK? They just released in 2013 lmfao.

  • SupaB

    huaraches, AM1s & air sweep thrus….

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    @ Huh – Huarache releases so far have been limited to overseas and boutique collabs…i.e. shipping cost $50 i.e. limited sizes, i.e. 200%+ reseller mark up i.e. overseas releases don’t count for ish stateside i.e. where’s the footlocker release?

  • omar najeeb

    ‘Raches released 2013, huh. Like where, footlocker europe…which don’t ship to the states?

  • Huh

    Are you guys kidding right now? Does WellGosh ship the to the states? YES. Did they have this in stock? YES. I’m pretty sure size? also had these as well. I’m from the states and my friend got himself two pairs of the emeralds from Well Gosh. Not my fault you idiots couldn’t get yourself a pair and slacked.

  • Evil Ramen

    Those roshe runs are really nice.

  • omar najeeb

    My dude. U make it sound like it was a GR. That’s what I’m talkin. U had to be a zombie to catch that. Again, that $#!+ doesn’t count.

  • omar najeeb

    @ Huh….Besides, troll…your mother is an idiot. Watch your tone. No need for insults

  • Nikeinda(well u know)

    @ Omar…I was going to unleash a strongly worded tongue lashing since the douche filter is clearly out of order …but you saved me the time- Thx And I’m glad we can agree that a good ‘ole
    GR is long overdue for these Huaraches 🙂

  • Huh

    I think my mother would be able to have gotten herself a pair had she wanted too. It was literally at 3am on a Friday going into a Saturday I believe. Really didn’t have to be a zombie, btw insult me next time, maybe it was immature of me to insult you but you went a level lower insulting my mother 🙂 and no need for the “Watch you tone” Señor Hallwaymonitor.

    I just stated a fact, they released in 2013. They were fairly easy to get had you wanted to get them, you nor the person who wrote to bring them back, wanted them bad enough. And I bet you’ve done worst then stay up till 3 for a pair of shoes that took about 15-20 minutes to get then right to sleep you could’ve gone.

    You were an idiot (are an idiot, whatever you want to be). Yes I might be a bit of a troll, but I tell the truth. Cunt face fuck. 🙂 Have a nice day Omeezy.

  • Nikeinda(well u know)

    ^^^ Look self-proclaimed troll…I agree that your parent is not to blame for you being a basic arseWhole but rather blame should be placed on the old priest who fondled you as a child! THE POINT WAS WE ALL WANT A GR AKA GENERAL REALEASE IN THE LOCAL FOOTLOCKER, WITH LOADS OF AVAILABLE STOCK…RATHER THAN SOME OBSCURE SNEAKER WEBSITE! Many people have said as much but since you are obviously didn’t get that simple point…just stay out of it when grown folks are chatting…K? 0_0

  • Nikeinda(well u know)

    *release* *since you obviously* <- Since 'Huh' seems like the variety of #fuxboi to point out sp errors to negate the fact he/she caught bricks .

  • Huh


    You do know trolling is an art form in 34.6 different countries correct? As far as the priest joke, awful, I know you could do a better “tongue lashing” lol. My point was simple, they were easy to get. As far as them being a general release, that could be said for every single shoe released nowadays. I don’t care much about spelling errors as long as the sentence “makez” sense. Feels me #fuxboi. Whatever that is. Btw, don’t take things so personally, see how one word like “idiot”makes you and Omeezy insult me in ways that don’t really make sense. Call me a name, talking about my mother or some random priest makes no sense. Just adding credibility to my claims 🙂

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    ^^^ No Troll, what you lent credibility to is 1) the fact you should have stfu to begin and 2) despite Republicans best ‘efforts’->YOU are clearly the child who was left behind…as evidenced by your lack of comprehension & contextual understanding…

    “that could be said for every single shoe released nowadays” – That IS the case for Nike and JB releases with the exception of Quickstrikes and special collabs. Point made by the author of this post and myself was there has not yet been a Huarache GR in the USA and we’re growing impatient (although we all know it will happen eventually).

    Now that I’ve exercised civility reserved for ‘challenged’ individuals (i.e. YOU)…again, kindly quiet and/or off yourself. Nothing personal…I just enjoy hurling verbal stone at lames (once more…that’d be YOU). Sincerely ~ Nikeinda… #finito

  • Huh


    Hmm, I’m the lame, yet if I had wanted to I would’ve had a pair of these huaraches, and I live in the states. I’m the lame because I stated that the author wanted to bring back the Huaraches yet they just released last year. I’m the challenged one though correct? I’m the one that deserves a tongue lashing? Lmao. I’m the one with problems?

    Look at you, look at you, and look at you. 🙂

    I understood what the author was saying. He was asking Nike to bring them back, was he not? You’re the one getting worked up. People literally slept on those Huaraches, and for your information, Size? is not an obscure sneaker website. It is very widely known amongst sneaker heads (which I take it, you’re one?) and there were sites stating which websites would be carrying them and at what time they would release. So, with all that being said, who was left behind? Clearly you couldn’t read the articles that were posted on them when they released. Clearly, you’re the ignorant one. But it’s okay, blame the troll, it’s what I’m here for.

    Btw, here is one of the articles in case you wanted some proof. And isn’t Sneaker News another big sneaker site like TSG and SC? I would say so, but you should know that.

    Have a nice day Señor Smartypants.