The Daily Photos – 6.25.13

collageAnother day, another Daily Photos…







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  • LG


  • omar najeeb

    The owner of the gmp 6’s must’ve looked long and hard before settling on those 36″ gold laces. Lol . Its a good look tho. St.alf joints…eh, hate the owner. Sabbed ya mind. Dope pic. Jus couldn’t get my hands on these. To far back of my line at the spot droppin em 🙁

  • SG

    Those laces look pretty dumb all short lol

  • MikeyDrums86

    Red Carpets are fire!! still trynna find some for a descent price…

  • P.A’s Finest

    Perfect picture with the asics!!

  • mask

    i like the asics.

  • G-Phi 2K6

    Still looking for a pair of Golden Moments VII’s! I prefer the black laces though…

  • w

    Thanks TSG, Alex and G-Roc for the feature. @omar please refer to Nas’ song “You Can Hate Me Now”

  • Thanks for the love!