The Daily Photos 9.2.14


No need for the retro.

Air Jordan 4 – @andydiaz__


Take a moment to appreciate these.

Nike SB Dunk Low – @lmkicks


Look awful clean for a pair of skate shoes..

Puma Suede – @eddiewinkicks


Respect the rooster.

Le Cog Sportif R1000 – @jed_steele


Over the top?


Air Jordan 5 – @basedkickz


Long live the pink box era.

Nike SB Dunk High – @awill_84


Props for the clean shot.

Air Max 1 – @jsdrivess

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  • Lem

    Old school IV’s still holding up.

  • sold my wheat forbes a while ago. had wheat timbs found no use for wheat forbes any more … hated how they looked from birdseye view

  • sirfresh

    pic 1 i need that retro.

  • omar najeeb

    Those unkls…I’m just not getting the allure with those. Iono…
    Toro bravo pic is silly. But how else is one supposed to show that he/she has the whole pack, right? A-ny-waaayy…
    Suedes lookin good. Ray got me lookin up those anwar carrots joints, too. Lol

  • Stereotype

    Ray I know what you mean, I hate when shoes look Weird when you look down at them… Can’t deal.