The Daily Photos – Vintage Edition 1.9.14

vintage-nike-basketball-shoes-2Feast your eyes on vintage heaven

Image via TSG

Nike Air Force Mid jewel

Nike Air Force One Mid Jewel, WOW! They definitely don’t make Air Forces like they used to… What happened?

Image via Dunksrnice

Baby Huaraches

What better shoe to have your child attempt their first steps in?

Image via @lemon_diesel

Nike Air Challenge Huarache

OG Nike Agassi Air Challenge Huarache

Image via @Windrunner


You’re probably staring at MJ, but Grant Hill’s Filas are just as fire!

Image via Bleacher Report


Original pair of 1986 Adidas signed by none other than Run DMC.

Image via Adidas Originals


The Nike Dunk God – DJ AM (Rest In Peace!)

Image via

OG Basketball Nikes

Yeah yeah OG Jordan heat, but did you peep those Original Pythons?!

Image via Pinterest

Anthony-Levine-Nike-Dunk-High-SB-Paul-BrownOne of the most underrated OG sneakers of all time, Nike Dunk High Paul Brown. These were created prior to the “SB” being added to the model, although it was one of the first dunks modified with a fat tongue to give skaters more comfort.

Image via Flickr – Adrix11

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  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    G.Hill staring MJ down like: muthaf ucka!

  • omar najeeb

    Cool pics. Never against seein real og joints. Anybody eff with those ghill 1s couple mos back? I sure did!

  • Justin aka “not the other Justin”

    Rev Run, really? That’s how you sign your name?

  • QAEv

    those Paul Brown Dunk High Pro tho! ….if u dont know about dunks prior to SB then u need to step yo game up. i got a few pairs myself but…i`m yet to acquire the most sought after….. Lightning Pro B. F!CK PIGEON DUNKS! they dope but they aint got sh!t on Lightnings,Sambas or any of the Griptape Pack in my opinion.