The Editor x Saucony Jazz

February 13, 2013 | 4

the-editor-saucony-jazz-01The Saucony team has been staying busy this year with a few collaborations including from Bodega and Play Cloths. Their latest collaboration takes us to Italian-based brand, The Editor. There will be at least 13 colorways to choose from.

All the colorways will also feature a little twist on the classic model and will be equipped with metal studded designs. Stay tuned to TSG as the latest release info surfaces.

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the-editor-saucony-jazz-12 the-editor-saucony-jazz-13 the-editor-saucony-jazz-11 the-editor-saucony-jazz-10 the-editor-saucony-jazz-09 the-editor-saucony-jazz-08 the-editor-saucony-jazz-07 the-editor-saucony-jazz-06 the-editor-saucony-jazz-05 the-editor-saucony-jazz-04 the-editor-saucony-jazz-03 the-editor-saucony-jazz-02

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Comments (4)

  1. Mamba

    The red and blue colorways are fresh! Idk about those other ones though

  2. JB

    Wth? These are wack

  3. Heat

    These are unusually dope

  4. Prestige

    Some of these are pretty fresh! Others are ugly as hell

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