The Story Behind Stash Nike Air Max 95 + More

The story behind Stash Nike Air Max 95 + more…

the story behind stash nike air max 95

If you’ve been around for a minute, you know all about Stash.

The New York based graffiti artist made a name for himself in the sneaker world when he collaborated with Nike on the Artist Series with Pharrell, Futura, ESPO, Halle Berry, Nelly and more.

Stash designed an Air Max BW with the cleanest blue colorway I’ve ever seen. However, the BW remained low key and wasn’t the highlight of the series.

Nike and Stash linked up again for the Blue Pack Air Max 95 and Air Force 1 collaboration. In my opinion, it the Blue Pack put Stash on the worldwide map within the sneaker community.

Aside from DQM AM90 story, Sneaker News also caught up with Stash to get him to tell the story behind his Nike collaborations. Press play, sit back and get educated. Enjoy!

The Story Behind Stash Nike Air Max 95 + More

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  • theloverswineverytime

    I really dug the guy’s vibe from the DQM vid. But this Stash nigga was corny as hell. I cut the shit off after 95 was brought up.

  • javi

    Settle down hype it ain’t that serious smh

  • DJR

    If anybody needs these 95’s in a size 10 get at me