These Air Jordan 3’s Aren’t “Joking” Around

What can Jordan Brand do to put a fresh spin on classic Air Jordan model? How about bringing out hot colorways like the Bright Crimson and this Black/Green-Purple for their 2013 lineup. This colorway has right the formula to make this a hot seller in retail stores. The all-black upper is given some pop with bright green accents and purple hints.

It’s not confirmed whether or not these have anything to do with the Joker, but one thing’s for sure is that this colorway will be a quickstrike release. Enjoy the detailed images below and stay tuned for the latest updates.

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Images: MS

  • TheSneakerDude

    Why r they doin this to the 3s?

  • iSETtrenDz

    That shxt cray..

    ^^^ Wat dude above said.

  • Jay

    This is cray. Not in a good way either.

  • Shane D.

    Bright Crimson Jordan III >

  • aSh

    these reaaaally aren’t that bad… I would have like to see all the black actually purple….

  • Shoe String

    F this “QS” Bullshit. This is why I stop buying AJ’s. Every time I like something they slap the “QS” title on them witch makes copping them difficult. They can’t just regular release them. There always has to be a game attached. F U Jordan Brand!

  • omar najeeb

    Roger-that shoe string. I feel u on’at one. I lik the kicks tho. Cold crush!

  • Executive

    QS?! Lmmfao! “let’s make thes ugly pieces of s hit sell” hmm… Make em A QS!

  • Jizzle

    they’re alright, I’ll stick with original color retros though…..

  • mackmizzle

    If people bought the DB 4’s then they will buy these….. thats what they kinda remind me of.