These LeBron 10’s Will Be Coming To Your Town Soon

The latest Nike LeBron 10 model is gearing up for the upcoming Holidays with another Christmas-inspired colorway. This version will be in the traditional red and green color combination throughout. The predominately red upper is complemented with bright green accents from the outsole, Swoosh, and laces. And it wouldn’t be a Christmas LeBron sneaker without any speckled print accents. There’s no release date as of yet, but stay tuned for the latest updates.Until then, enjoy the detailed images below.

Is this Christmas LeBron 10 a hit or miss? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Images: JV

  • aSh

    You know what… I was diggin them till I saw these pics… The green they (Nike) choose to use is a no go for me… Never been big on x-mas sneakers…

  • sneakercritique

    Messed up laces & green is too bright but the 10’s aren’t a shoe for me too bulky

  • teelarge

    Reverse of the cutting jade …. I’ll pass….

  • 1dollarholler

    Green n Red should never mix

  • air jedi

    BEST lebron X MAS are the 8!!! Pass….Reverse Jade!!! Looking foward to the Mangos,Prism or Dolphins….Maybe Floridians…

  • kp


  • kp

    not liking this color combo

  • Ben Dover

    I’m really liking these

  • JoJo

    yall not feeling these? fine, easy cop for me lol. After a disappointing Lebron 9 Xmas edition, these are a breath of fresh air. Even tho the 8’s are still at the top.

  • erick10

    Midsole should of been black