These Photos Will Get You Excited For Next Week’s Sport Blue 6 Release


Who’s copping?

The long awaited return of the Air Jordan 6 “Sport Blue” is finally here. Saturday, August 30th marks the first time this original colorway will retro. Can you believe it’s been 23 years? Talk about a true legacy. I’m not sure if it will ever stop because another 23 years from now we might still be excited for this retro. Ease your crave a bit with this photo gallery of the “Sport Blue” 6s by WISH ATL.

sport-blue-6-jordans-4 sport-blue-6-jordans-3sport-blue-6-jordans-2

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  • frank

    Still want the white and red ones bad<<<

  • Creep

    On foot, when looking down. They will just be white shoes with a blue jump man. Not enough blue to make it worth while.

  • omar najeeb

    I liked the 3’s better….and I left those. So…err…uuuhh…

  • 80$werv

    cop the 3s and pass on these 6s

  • Wardypop


  • Idojs2345


  • Lem


  • Jay

    I was disappointed in the quality and I rarely care to much to ever bring that up

  • Executive


  • Biga173rd

    Keep hating fellas it will be easier for me to cop.

  • oldschoolrulz

    No they wont already seen em they like a bag of UTZ.

  • oldschoolrulz

    They plain as hell

  • Only copping as a Seinfeld reference. Feeling kinda like jerry these days.Old

  • Obesius

    Will definitely cop these. These jawns are too clean to pass up! Haters will hate, but this is a true OG that will sell out quick.