TheShoeGame’s “Practice Makes Perfect”

TheShoeGame is about to turn it up with our upcoming 6th Year Anniversary celebration. If you didn’t know, the party will take place on October 25th at Cascade Skating Rink. Our party will involve tons of giveaways, music, free food, and much more. But you better believe that the skating rink will be put to good use as well. Be sure to take care of your “Pre-Party Ritual” and come join in on the “Thursday Night Fever“. Head on down to Cascade on October 25th to show off your skills on the floor.

Enjoy our 4th promo video “Practice Makes Perfect” in HD and we hope to see you there.

For the full details on TSG’s 6th Year Anniversary Party, click here.

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  • DW

    LMFAO at the legendary AI on his practice rant. That never gets old!

    Sidebar: The people in the video don’t need any practice….. they are damn near professional skaters. LOL. I’ll try my luck on the skate floor tomorrow but I am positive that I won’t be doing any of the fancy moves seen in this video. Jesus, like how are some of those tricks even possible?????

    I digress. See everyone tomorrow and hopefully I win some free kicks or one of those pretty gals in the video. 😉

  • Airjedi


  • Jay

    WOW! I gotta get my skate weight up.

  • Ramone Hogan

    Aaaaaa! Im in the video! (Green Primitive shirt on)

  • GatorFan305

    “We Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice Man”. Clever video using AI’s “Questions”…I see you TSG!

  • LG

    everybody and their momma come for that free food B.C.

  • treypa

    bring AI back to philly to come off bench, score and few and hype up the crowd! no need for PRACTICE