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October 19, 2012 | 20

Everyone has their own take on how to prepare for a party or an event. It’s certain things that has to be taken care of for the rest of the night to go smoothly. Whether it’s to get a fresh hair cut or some last minute pre-party pick-ups; everyone has their own special ritual to go through.

Although everyone has different ways to prepare for a party, at the end of the day everybody has a common goal and that’s to look their best. Check out the video below of how TSG gets ready for a party and let us know what are your pre-party rituals in the comment section below.

In case you forgot, here are some of the many sneakers that will be given away at the party:

-10 pairs of the Reebok ES22 signed by Emmitt Smith!
-Reebok Twilight Zone Pump
-Reebok ES22 (none autographed pairs)
-Alicia Keys x Reebok kicks

For the full details about TSG’s 6th Year Anniversary Party, click here.

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Comments (20)

  1. sick video bro


  2. For me, clean Shoes and a fresh haircut is mandatory before walking into a party.

  3. Sole Seriouz

    Ha! Dope concept! Clean kicks are a must…party or not. lol

  4. phantom10k

    Clean video with a dope concept. Congrats TSG on 6 years.

  5. KP

    Congrats TSG! Cant wait for the party!

  6. TrevCesc

    Ya’ll a fool for this. Those kicks are brand new, no need for a shoe shine. lol! Loved the visual and concept.

  7. Shane D.

    NICE!! Short and straight to the point. You didn’t have to stunt on us with the Emmitt’s G-Roc. So dirty yet so clean. See what I did there??? haha

  8. Jay

    If I don’t win a pair of the autographed ES22s at the party I’m going to be heated. Very creative promo by the way. (Stevie J rat face)

  9. cocotaso

    line up is necessary also lay out my clothes and shoes like its the first day of school. pralli spark or sip on something too.

  10. Fresh cut! Fresh kicks!

    Then I listen to some good music and dance/sing/rap around the house. That’s my pre-party ritual. Eff that, that’s my everyday ritual!

  11. Ahhhh ha ha ha at G and Alex!!! GREAT spot… you need to do videos WAY more often than just for anniversary parties!

  12. dmy

    i’m still sad i missed the pearlized navy questions. gotta find some boks to wear to this party.

  13. Never wear fresh kicks to a party, wear some kicks that are dope but you don’t mind someone spilling a drink on em in the midst of the grind

  14. @Rocko Mcfly – Great point! It just depends on what type of party it is.

  15. lilbusta

    I wish I could come as always! Love that you were able to link up with Reebok on this good job!

  16. Kicksboywonder

    Video came out great!

  17. solediva86

    this was cute. great job guys!!

  18. Guess Who?

    I wonder if the burn rubber questions will be a mystery giveaway?

  19. Too dope wish I could attend. Too much heat in that vid. I always gotta have a drag cut though!

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