TheShoeGame’s Thursday Night Fever

Sometimes there are days when people need to stop taking things so serious and just have some fun. And when it comes down to taking care of business and having fun, TheShoeGame knows all about that. We want you to join us to help celebrate our upcoming 6th Year Anniversary that’s coming up real soon.

There will be plenty of sneaker giveaways, gift bags for the first 200 people, free food, and much more. Be sure to take care of your pre-party rituals and boogie your way down to Cascade Skating Rink in ATL on October 25th and come join in on the fun. So help us spread the word and we’ll see you there.

Enjoy TSG’s 3rd promo video called “TheShoeGame’s Thursday Night Fever” video in HD.

For the full details about TSG’s 6th Year Anniversary Party, click here.

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  • dj_imperiald

    Lol man this had me laughing so hard…Pete topped it off tho

  • TrevCesc

    This promo vid is CRAZY funny TSG. The music alone had me LMAO! I love what you do G-Roc…Props!

  • GotEm_2

    Dope…TSG always sells me on the videos. I will be in the ATL Thursday night!

  • Nice

  • GatorFan305

    Hahaha…”You ‘Gon Get This Work”! Shout out to Loaded Lux.

  • MarinatedMusiq

    Yo, these are some nice Reebok promos. I am coming to hang out with the TSG crew Thursday. I’ll bring heat on my feet and my skates!

  • EXCELLENT! Those Emmitt’s look amazing!

  • solediva86

    what in the world??!! you guys are so silly. almost spit my drink out when the guy hit that breakin move.

  • Herb T

    Man I might really have to put some skates on that night!!

  • Shane D.

    How can anyone not attend the party after seeing this video???? You guys won me over with the track….. Bee Gees “Night Fever”. Classic!

    Now all TSG needs is a cameo from John Travolta at the party.

  • I know Im late but this video was too funny! Home boy ironing had me dying!

  • John B.

    LMAO!! Ya’ll a fool for this one! I agree with 4D I’m liking the way those Emmitt’s are lookin!

  • I’m glad everyone enjoyed the video. Thanks for your continued support.

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    oooooh Emmits!

  • Guess Who?

    Can’t wait and out of curiosity will there be dope 6th year anniversary tee’s like the 3rd years?