This Week in Sneaks

twis_ytthumbnail1Our homie Jacques Slade is back with another episode of This Week in Sneaks. He’ll talk about a few “Suns” inspired Air Jordan’s, Damian Lillard Rookie of the Year adidas sneaker, and a few Air Max models.

Enjoy the latest This Week in Sneaks with Jacques Slade.

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  • JB

    The damian lilliard addias’ are wack

  • KP

    I’m not feeling the suns inspired jordans

  • Mamba

    Good episode

  • AceofJ’s

    Those air maxes are dope!!

  • Prestige

    This is a really well put together web series. I enjoy it every time

  • I don’t get y TWiS comes after the weekend has passed. But anyhoo….Ima have to make my way to those 8s this week. I already liked them. Them joints are workin my brain now. Lol

  • I think Ima need those 8s this week. They workin my brain now

  • ^^yeah was gonna comment the same thing. i think the series is cool but why is it called the week in kicks when it’s about last week? Should be called last week in kicks, or make it about the upcoming week.

    Yeah those 8s are a lot nicer in person. those posites still suck to me but that bit of background info on his godzilla commercial helps explain.

    I’m also ready to see the hyper flights.

  • *week in sneaks