Thoughts On the Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap?

air jordan 1 high double strap

Chime in.

Well, I’m done with my hectic traveling schedule.

The last two weeks were extremely busy for me. I was in LA, ATL, Seattle and Portland. Each city was back to back with zero breaks. I’m sure everyone noticed a few days posts were slacking, but if you follow my personal IG (@GRocSmith) you were able to rock with me during my travels.

We’ve been working hard and you’ll see some new changes around here soon. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Believe it or not, I still have content to share from the Jordan Future of Flight event that took place in LA. For example, I forgot that I didn’t post this Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap.

This is another new Jordan model that will be releasing this year.

The concept is straight to the point. An Air Jordan 1 High with straps.

What are your honest thoughts about this model?

Air Jordan 1 High Double Strap

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  • Cody


  • Snkr Clbrty

    Not sold on this colorway

  • James L

    The design looks potentially interesting. This colorway doesn’t get the job done though

  • DJR

    Not a fan, these look like if PF Flyers and the Nike Flystepper 2K3 had a baby.

  • C Brown

    5-6 Years late….When ATO was on fire thanks to Kanye…Straps seemed to be on everything….another trend that has come and gone….And the orginal Jordan 1 high Strap was those pleather joints with the Straps ala the AF1….damn the bastarization of the 1’s continues….

  • Garbage