Top 10 “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2 Rumors

10 red october air yeezy 2 rumors

Look at all these rumors surrounding me every day.

“I heard” info gets passed along so quickly, and before you know it everyone has heard the same info. Sometimes there’s a bit of truth to a rumor, and sometimes it’s just info someone made up. But sneaker rumors are not new, and they’ve been going around since the beginning of time the “sneakerhead” Internet. The most popular sneaker rumors are usually about Nike footwear, especially Jordans and Kanye’s Air Yeezy line. It’s pretty amazing how fast rumors spread, and before you know it people are calling their local boutiques with hopes of confirming rumors they’ve heard. After a recent conversation with a shop owner buddy of TSG, we present the Top 10 “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2 Rumors.

Let us know if you heard rumors that we didn’t mention.

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  • The Hypemachine

    That golden ticket rumor is the best bc cats was buying 10 Yeezy albums thirsty!!!

  • matthew p

    I herd holloween.

  • ^They took that rumor and ran with it. Within minutes there were tons of memes floating around the web. lol

  • Executive

    Just drop the shoe so we can forget about it please.

  • Word. Already over it.

  • AJ head

    Why these are called “red october”, anyway?

  • omar najeeb

    #1 rumor-“No h-beasts will be after this shoe. Just the true kix enthusiasts!” U MUTHAS!!!

  • omar najeeb

    @ exec & merlot…YEZZIR!!

  • @worldfamous_kev

    Has anyone actually even confirmed the winner of a pair?

  • @worldfamous_kev

    That Foot Locker Only Release Would Be Classic, Then and Only Then Might I Have The Slightest Chance