Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2017

It’s that time again.

While everyone is busy publishing their “Best of 2017” list, I’m here to address what everyone is thinking but no one is saying: the most overrated drops of 2017.

The word “overrated” does NOT mean trash or wack, but for whatever reason that’s how some people take it. It’s an offensive word, but shouldn’t be. Imagine cooking for your coworkers and someone saying, “The food was good, but after hearing about your culinary skills for so long, I gotta admit your cooking is overrated.”

We all would probably be offended, but it’s an honest opinion.

But hey, I’m not here to school you on the word when you can simply Google the definition. If you own something that made this list you either really like it or bought into the hype. For the record, there’s nothing wrong with either option. Do you, baby blue.

But I still have to talk about 2017’s Top 5 most overrated sneakers.

Read and share your thoughts in the comments whether you agree or disagree.

Top 5 Most Overrated Sneakers of 2017

Balenciaga Triple S

WYD FAM? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see someone wearing this shoe. Fashion, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder but we are supposed to get our eyes checked once a year. I just wanted to add some context so I can paint the larrrrge picture for my young queens and kings.

This shoe… this shoe right here, it has to be some type of prank on fashion, right? In my mind, I imagine a Balenciaga meeting with vision boards all around filled with pictures of Instagram fashion killas. One of the designers says, “I bet we can design the ugliest shoe and people will buy it because of our name.” Meeting dude gets the green light and here we are.

That’s how it played out in my mind. One big troll on people who are willing to wear ANYTHING because it’s popular/limited or expensive. I’m aware of the current dad shoe trend, but not even a swaggless dad would think twice about wearing these because he’s not impressed by popular opinion.

This is the ONLY shoe that made the list that I don’t mind calling ugly AND overrated. “That’s just how I feel”, word to GKMC track number 5. Buuuut, if you dropped $700+ on a pair and feel confident when you look in the mirror, that’s the only thing that matters.

Related: There’s no way in hell you think this fit/shoe combo is fresh. YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!

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  • Y’all agree or disagree with this list? Let me know whether it be the entire list or just a few shoes. Leggoo!

  • curt diggler


  • Afrika

    I agree. Im glad you put the Jordan/Off-White on here because it is absolutely the most overrated. If you take away Off-White & Virgil Abloh these will sit on shelves for months until people just bought it because it was a Jordan 1. I’ve told people that Virgil got that whole “deconstructed” look from a girl by the name of Helen Kirkum. Im happy he got a chance to do this but they weak as hell.

  • Lmao. Don’t get me started on dude. I agree. As a rapper and fashion dude he is very overrated. He has some music I enjoy but I never understood the hype around ol boy.

  • Yeah I’m happy for him too, but I had to add the Jordan 1 to the list since it was the most sought after. People were about to lose their damn mind over that shoe. If you out there trying to flip, I totally get it. lol

    But you that thirst to rock? Nah. Calm down, it ain’t that serious. Thanks for checking out this piece.

  • OGedge

    2017 the year of overrated shoes. However I will say I did have an epiphany of sorts….. ignoring the hype (which I don’t understand anyway), and hunting for always classic heat. I’m talking about air max’s, huaraches, dunks, all stars, vans, gazelles, adidas zx, boost, clydes, …. blah blah blah… I’m keeping it simple and og.

  • Justin747

    This list is 100% accurate

  • theloverswineverytime

    Lmao. Naaahh, G-Roc the “culinary skills” example for “OVERRATED” would really be rude & the person should actually be offended just off that. Lol, but anyways…

    Off-White Aj 1s……EEEEEEEEEEAZZZZILYYYY thee most OVERRATED shoe of 2017. FoG vans collection somewheres up in that top 5 too…like, any shoe from that collection….overrated.

  • Creep

    vapormax should not be here. Air Max heads hyped them up. I’m a boost guy too. But boost is more shock absorbing, this is more bounce back after you step. Plus the shoe looks great

  • Lol. Def a time and place for everything. That ish would start a fight at the dinner table for sure. Just making my point about how people get offended about the word. I would never walk up to someone wearing a shoe and voice my opinion unless it was a compliment.

    FOG Vans doesn’t knockout any shoes listed, but last year… oh boy.

  • I respect your opinion, but I disagree. It’s an ok shoe but overrated to me based off the fake hype and high praise. The product didn’t live up to all the reviews talk imo.

    Upper is cool. I don’t like the look of the tooling.

  • Ha! I hear you, OGedge. There were a lot of “are y’all seriously checking for these” releases this year. But that always makes it easier to cop the less hyped stuff.

  • Appreciate that. Thanks for reading man.

  • javi

    But I’m pretty sure those shoes r in your closet anyways ?THIRSTY

  • ??

  • fook yo

    vapormax are whatever walked around disney yesterday…that bubble in the center outside of your foot is really annoying after a little while

  • Nate oNe

    Everything and everyone these days are overrated. People get their pansies wet over for nothing. People just wanna be in the gossip. And dudes are worse than women, smfh

  • Nate oNe

    To me everything these days are overrated. I’ve done seen it all. Nothing impresses me. Those Balenciaga Triple S and Yeezy Runner 700 looks like some Avia joints I saw at Walmart way way back few years ago for $29.99.

  • “Nike poured out so much money in marketing to convince you this shoe is the real deal. It’s not.”

    I don’t know why but this line is hilarious to me

  • El Fenomeno

    fam the 3 different stages LMAO. i see no lies

  • sinicc

    great list! great writing! well done, sir.

  • Thank you!

  • That ish was so accurate and everyone was like “yeah I can’t lie that was me.” lmao

  • sinicc

    i feel that kanyes shoes, if name taken away, would sit (im also including the all the yeezys, and these new models as well) and make the last markdown on the hash walls.

  • Simplicity in truth brings humor. I literally just made that up. lol

    But nah, simply put, that’s how I feel man. Shoe is aight at best.

  • So true. I’m just offended at how bad the Balenciagas are… and even more offended at people trying to tell me the shoe is fresh.

    I’m still convinced this is all one big troll.

  • Yeah that’s my thoughts exactly. If people like the way they look, cool. But the shoe itself is just eh to me when I think about the initial hype.

  • sinicc

    id be curious to know who made the dishonorable mentions.

    edited to say kanyes designs, without name, sit at outlets.

  • This was my reply to your previous comment:

    You already know! Anyone who’s honest with self will agree. It is what it is. But some people front like they are invested in the design, etc. Nah, it’s about that CLOUT. And that’s ok. Just don’t be out here trying to preach that false gospel.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol. Richard Sherman, about Micheal Crabtree after 2014 ncf title gm: “He’s mediocre (WR) AT BEST…!!”
    Funniest shit i mighta ever heard in sports. But yea, you reminded me of that…lol

  • Executive ??’S Ya

    Great article!

  • kaydot901

    Most Appreciated,No lies told but I personally like the vapormax, kanye shrug.I’d swap that for the yeezy powerphase,literally a shoe that was always 60% off til it was cosigned by “Yeezy” in tonal colorways,still trash.This solidifies why I frequent this blog,you’re a real dude with an honest opinion & very knowledgeable on kicks in general who I’d probably blaze one with,I rock witcha the long way my dude.

  • javi


  • Laced Heat

    the entire off whit3 collection was basic and overrated. Had Jordan brand released the same exact shoe without the off white cosign it would have sat on clearance. Nike released these 2 reworked premium Jordan 1s and they ended up on clearance.
    these off whites look like some Chinese bootleg. Had those same Jordan’s been a collab they would have sold out instantly and be called a grail. This new generation of sneaker head if that’s what they can even be called are all sheep/resellers

  • C Brown

    Good read..great article G…I would say 100% on point….I like the piece of about the Vapormax…while I haven’t tried them yet I also wondered exactly who they are being marketed too? Much like Boost…I don’t think anyone is running in either of them…more of a lifestyle shoe…but you are correct definitely feels forced…with Nike it’s all marketing…but this dad shoe thing…I’m just not sure WHERE that is coming from….your example of brands thinking if we slap there name on will sell is dead on…I mean Supreme had cats buying bricks cause it said Supreme….now if that ain’t crazy I don’t know what it is…?….happy new year and continued success!!!!

  • DJR

    I’m not mad at this list at all G. I’m interested to see how low the prices on the 750s and Off-Whites drop when more colorways come. I copped the 750s strictly for resell to go towards other sneaker purchases and lets just say I’m happy I did that. I do actually want those Off-Whites in the Chicago colorway mostly because I don’t have the Chicago’s and having so many 1s I appreciate the different look but I agree they are definitely overrated. Never been a fan of those Balenciaga’s or the Vapormax both look weird. I never understood any hype with those particular NMDs in any colorway to be honest.

  • You nailed it G. I never got the hype around the NERD joints and I love the PW NMD Hu Race’s but I guess it was that exclusivity vibe.

    Even if they were more available though it’s a pass. That font is close to one I overused in college typography classes and now I cringe when I see it lol. Yeezy chart is facts for most people lol.

  • Smallzgotkickz

    Not a single argument on this list. Majority of the releases from 2017 didn’t give me the feeling that the rest of the interwebz had, made me feel like maybe the game was passing me by & it was time for me to fade away lol. This list & some of the comments show me I’m not alone. Really hopeful that 2018 can prove to be more fruitful.

  • theloverswineverytime

    I really been thought that shoe was cool. ?But then finding that it was likely pretty comfy (yes, cus it had boost) DID have me checkin for the retail ??

  • I see no lies lol

  • All good. I respect your honesty. It’s all about what you like.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Yup. Thems is just as trash as the OW aj 1s.

  • Thanks CB! I think Nike was trying to silence some of the Boost talk. They spent a lot of money marketing shoe and it worked. Since I published this list, several people have hit me saying they bought into the hype but ended up liking the shoe. To me Vapormax was created to kill some of the Boost talk. adidas owed 2016 thanks to Boost, so Nike had to do something in 2017.

    As for the dad shoe trend, I’m not sure who started it, but it’s here for now. Supreme def is aware of its power lol. Like you said, the brick was proof they can make whatever and people will buy it.

  • Thanks man. I agree with you so much. Not many releases made me care at all and my Top 5 is a reflection of that.

    “This list & some of the comments show me I’m not alone.”

    Yeah breh, you are def not alone. lol

    Yes, hopefully this year is better and more exciting.

  • Exactly. NERD NMD was all hype. Shoe was just ehhh. Could be a GR and I was still pass without thinking twice.

    Yeezy meme is straight facts. I love it. lol

  • Wise man. I respect that. That’s what’s up tho about OF 1s. Like I’ve said before, I just feel the design was ok. The 1 isn’t the strongest in the collection, but that’s just me. It’s always about what you like. I’ll take the Presto for retail… and a pair of Chicago 1s lol

    Balenciaga has some cool stuff but the Triple S is a joke. VM is just aight to me and I’ve never worn a pair of NMDs in my life. The model is cool but heard it’s not more comfortable than Ultra Boost so I like ehhhh.

  • Very true. We can say that about a number of collabs and hyped stuff. The name associated is attracts the hype and demand. Sometimes a collab is really amazing, but sometimes it’s just the name that sells the product.

  • Thanks homie.

  • Man I appreciate those words. I’ve always tried to be true to myself and keep it real on this blog and life. I think people connected with this blog because of the authenticity and community vibe. We all have opinions and are not always going to agree, but we all respect being REAL.

    My non smoking azz might have to burn one for the culture lol. But on the real, thank you again for your words, support, and constant conversation in the comments. Real recognize real my dude. Respect.

  • javi


  • javi

    But I guarantee you still going to buy a pair . That’s thirst u got for sneaker is out of control ??

  • El Fenomeno

    can’t lie i went though those stages with this 97 camo pack. i copped the UK one, bout to cop the italy one, still dont know if i want that US one

  • Smallzgotkickz

    I am hopeful to see the culture more forward this year

  • CHICAGORilla

    I’m agreeing with three of the five of the most overrated listed here… Guess which 3 Lord G. Rizzle? LOL! Nah… the only one I don’t think was overrated was the N.E.R.D. jawn… mass produce those and put them in Originals doors or Footlocker/ Champs and those jawns selling out day one. And while I agree mostly on hype, I’m not buying that it was top 5 overrated. Glad to see Shoe Game standing the test of time Famo! #Salute #3Stripes2Soles1Love


    Thanks for checking in D. Hope you’re doing great homie.

  • CHICAGORilla

    All love always! I’m always paying attention to you. Especially the /// posts… I just don’t always comment. I’ll speak more this year homie… #Salute #3Stripes2Soles1Love

  • theloverswineverytime

    /// been OVERRATED. Beat it, chum. ??

  • CHICAGORilla

    Good to see internet trolling pay so well now-a-days… It’s cool I’m on vacation. I got time… Let me guess… Homie you one of those hypebeast who masquerade as a Uncle Phil/ Cousin Mark Swoosh stan or something? Off-White was the drop of the year for you? Don C is the man huh? Jordan brand killing it for you huh? Relax… And go season something my G! Or cooked effin’ with me chum(p) ????

  • theloverswineverytime

    You must aint read some my comments just on this post alone if you figure that i think the OW stuff was release of the year. In fact, i like none the stuff you mentioned??.
    /// Still trash though & that’s after me pickin up the overhyped aDi shoe of all time in the ultraboost. Man, im out….???

  • CHICAGORilla

    Nah… I remember you… You been on here for years G… And I could care less what you think of adidas… You’re entitled to spend dough how you see fit… But when tell me to “beat it” expect to get cooked… Whether it’s a novel or not respect me and respect yourself at all times… Now… As you were Sir #3Stripes2Soles1Love

  • javi

    Settle down terrorist it ain’t that serious

  • fook yo

    Thought they’d be revolutionary like I did. Nope. Just a pretty shoe. They hit the nail on the head aesthetically. Missed performance wise.

  • Sneaker Grandpa

    Really great list man. One of the only truly honest lists I’ve seen this year. I understand everything is subjective, but naming these specific shoes made me smile. So many dope and under the radar releases this year and yet the focus seems to always be on limited availability and resale value. At the same time, it gives the rest of us an opportunity to purchase and rock high quality releases for at or under retail. Let’s see if in 10-15 years anyone is releasing retro versions of the Yeezys or Vapormax.

  • WhereMyKicks

    What’s the name of that Vapormax colorway though?