Top 50 Basketball Sneakers of All Time

It’s a slow news day, but this list of the Top 50 Basketball Sneakers of All Time should get everyone’s attention. Complex reached out to our Nice Kicks homies, Peter Sim and George Kiel to help put this list together. A very interesting list indeed, and it will definitely give you something to talk about. So without all the extra talking, check out the list, and let the debate begin!

Do you agree or disagree with this list?

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  • skeezot

    how exactly was this list broke down. was it based on performance, style, popularity? im confused.

  • DMVsneakerdude

    If the Garnett III’s or thw Hurache 2k4’s aren’t on this list, I will be upset.

  • DMVsneakerdude

    If the Garnett III’s or the Hurache 2k4’s aren’t on this list, I will be upset.

  • Hye Style Kid

    Wow good stuff they had in their couple thing s i would dispute but aye who am I lol One thing i realize looking at this is the difference in the shoes from then till now. I mean I know damn well I would not try to ball in some Chucks. Reebok stop playing around and release the heat

  • Jordan 3 is my favorite jordan so I definately agree with it being there….the only shoe I really think should have been up there is the Jordan 8. I love the 8s and think its a great basketball sneaker…but that’s just me.

  • J Flo

    decent list culda argued wit some choices, number 1 is always a hard spot to choose but i guess the IIIs were revolutionary, deff feelin that my questions are in the top 10

  • “Number 9(Actually #26)shoulda been number 1 to me” – B.I.G.

    Everything I could think of was on there. Good list.

  • The list is based on performance, style, and each shoe’s overall effect on sneaker culture.

  • Jordan 3’s are definitely not number 1. This list is VOID. That’s a grown man baby booty, and so are Jordan 11’s. Neither of them belong anywhere near this list.

  • berlin

    11 of 50 🙂
    only one i miss is the nike flight 89 :/

  • Jarvo

    iStill to this day want sum Aero Jams & The Rodmans

  • J-Dawggggg

    the 8’s are the best to hoop in, especially the playoffs.

  • weezy23

    defintly love the 3 at numher 1 but the grant hills coulda been a lil highe and the chucks were basketball shoes but performance and style there a zero imo so dont think there number 2

  • I didn’t have time for the whole list but Top-10 is really really solid! They incorporated function and style very well and WHAM… the Huarache at #5… I couldn’t agree more on that one! I would argue to flip-flop #1 with #2 though! Looking forward to seeing the whole list later tonight when I have more time! SOLID Top-10 though!!!

  • LG

    I wish I could get my hands on a pair of those Nike Flight Huaraches…One of the best Huarache ever made. The list brings back memory’s…as far as the list all of them are worthy.

  • 1st of all im not even done with the list, but how does The Lebron Air Max VII make #48, when it was supposedly the #1 shoes of 2009, makes nosense to me

  • iufreak18, it’s top 50 OF ALL TIME. Not Top 50 of last year.

  • D

    Hyperize should’ve made the list one of the best sneakers I’ve played in along with the Jordan 13’s.

  • Not a bad list at all. As soon as you put 3s at the top of a list, I’m pretty much GOOD lol

  • Dre

    Is it jus me or is converse king sounding more and more full of hate with every comment that he leaves?

  • dannymal13

    Adidas definitely needs to retro the Mutumbo’s I need those in my life the are so sick!

  • ChicoDusty

    No problem with the #1