Travis Scott Pulled Out Jordan Heat for Rockets Game


La Flame!

Travis Scott has been seen wearing Jordans more and more as of late.

It’s quite possible that he’s Team Jordan on the low. You never know, we might see a Travis Scott x Jordan collab one day, but I expect to see a Vans collaboration first.

Last night Scott pulled out what some may call vintage Jordan heat to attend the Houston Rockets game. There were rumors floating around that Lightning 4s were coming back, but that never happened.

However, I feel like it’s only a matter of time, especially since Thunder 4s made a return. Honestly, Thunder 4s should’ve never been retro’d – some things are better left untouched.

As for La Flame, he couldn’t care less about a Lightning 4 re-release. Ha!

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  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    I miss the late-’80s to early-’90s era of hip-hop. Tis all.

  • javi

    Te-hee te-hee te-hee

  • OGedge

    I’m more of a 90’s 2000’s hip hop fan

  • curt diggler

    only heat in the pic is dude breath

  • Top 5 favorite albums from that era?

  • lol

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    Perfect time to sell my barely worn pair…hype heads will pay a premium now. Thanks Travis!

  • Cinematic Taylor

    Not a fan of them but
    do what u kies

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    ??He takin too long to answer you. Soooo…..
    ….?I’ll just give you a top 5 from my fav era…?

    Top 5 from (let’s say…) 1987-1994. Here’t go:
    1. BIGGER and DEFFER, LL Cool J
    2. PAID IN FULL, Eric B & Rakim
    3. IT TAKES A NATION…, Public Enemy
    5. THE INFAMOUS, Mobb Deep
    That’s just five of my favs quick off the dome though

  • OGedge


    I hate lists… but in no particular order

    1.Lupe Fiasco food & liquor
    2. Kanye West Graduation
    3. 50 Cent Get Rich or Die Tryin’
    4. Fugees The Score
    5. Dr. Dre 2001

    These are albums that I loved back in the day and still listen to today

  • Thad Greer

    Never understood the appeal of thunders or lightnings.

  • javi


  • love ur hustle

  • lol… sad but true