Trinidad James Spotted Rockin’ Supreme x Nike SB Dunk High

Trinidad-James-Nike-SB-Dunks-Supreme When two powerhouse brands like Supreme and Nike join forces, the hype of the shoes spreads faster than wildfire. One of their notable mash-ups includes their 2003 collaboration with the three pack colorway for the Dunk High, which was limited to less than 1000 pairs.

University Blue/White, Varsity Red/White, and College Orange/White made up the pack. It’s constructed with croc-like materials throughout the shoe, and is then highlighted with gold stars coming from the mid panel. The flashy look of these SB Dunks made it one of the sought after colorways from the lineup.

And we can’t talk about flashiness without mentioning GA’s own, Trinidad James. He was recently spotted rockin’ the Nike SB Dunk High “Supreme” Orange/White with mismatched laces. Let us know in the comment section below what is your favorite colorway from the pack.

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  • Chiefblackbear

    he’s the ULTIMATE hypebeast smh

  • Herb T

    Shout to JRoss and TJames

  • mask

    gol all in my watch, don believe me juss watch. Not a fan but that song is catchy.

  • Mamba


  • Guess Who?

    @Chiefblackbear why he gotta be a hypebeast?

  • Who is this clown and why are you f*ck boys on his d*ck?

  • dotsupreme

    you act like you know him^ and probably because dude was rocking 1 kobe 1 lebron i can keep going

  • Those dudes look homeless. So what he’s wearing some supreme’s that everyone had back in the day. Dunks are wack and so is that clown. Let me paint some faggot ass stars on my sneakers beat it c*ck suckers!

  • What does that even mean? I used to play kobe now I play lebron. I don’t give a f*ck about them and I sure as hell don’t give a f*ck about you. Of course I don’t give a f*ck about kids like them and you with NO street credit beat it c*ck suckers!

  • dotsupreme

    what are you talking about?^

  • Soletaker

    whoa emoney settle down player lol. someone mad they aint got supreme sb’s??

  • k.billy

    lmao @emoney..hell yea the rap game and the shoe game(not the site) are fu*ckin g@y now

  • mafio

    LMAO That man knew what he was doin from the get-go. T. James getting some money know, going back and coping all the old stuff. If Nike isn’t already sending it to him for free..

  • Guess Who?

    @dotsupreme I’m from the A and being a member of the sneaker scene I know other people in my city that been collecting shoes for a while and yes I’ve seen him around before he got big cuz he was a regular dude working a 9-5 trying to get his. Now you tellin’ me if you didn’t have supreme sb’s beforehand and you acquired a lil’ bit of money and could buy them you wouldn’t? I’m just saying just because he got a nice pair of shoes doesn’t mean he’s a hypebeast

  • shoe guy