TSG 6 O’Clock “Air Jordan” News: 3/18/10

Good evening, and welcome to TSG 6 O’Clock Footwear News for March 18, 2010. This is by far the best segment of 6 O’Clock Footwear News ever! Today we have a special edition of 6 O’Clock “Air Jordan” News sponsored by SC. Enjoy today’s 6 O’Clock news, and let the comments begin…

By now some of you have probably already heard this news, but here’s the info in case you haven’t heard. This “Breaking News”, and here’s a look at the Air Jordan retro Holiday 2010 and Spring 2011 releases. Images should start leaking soon.

November 2010 – Air Jordan XIII “Flint” – $150
December 2010 – Air Jordan XIII “White/Red” – $150
December 2010 – Air Jordan XI “Cool Grey” – $175

January 2011 – Air Jordan XIII “Playoff” – $150
February 2011 – Air Jordan III “White/Cement” – $150
March 2011 – Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux” – $150

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • margpep

    every thing but the 11s for me

  • gimmie some Bodeauxs and Cements III’s next year. i can pass on the rest.

  • Later this year…..WHO CARES.
    Bordeaux 7’s, we’ll see….I hate 7’s but I may have to make an acception to the rules because of the colorway being dope.

  • wowwwwwwwwww

  • MisterMcfly23

    flints, cool greys, bordeauxs, and white cement 3’s !?!? holy sheep sh*t, batman!!!…

  • jtowery

    #TSGKNOWS…Cememt III’s watch out now…thanks TSG for all your hard work…

  • Stay with jz

    All for me. Already have the playoff 13 but wouldn’t mind getting another pair.

  • I’ll take one of each with an extra pair of Cool Grey XIs please



  • israel garo

    saw this on my iphone…man oh MAN i was happy to hear about those bordeaux 😀

  • madne$$

    daaaaammmmmmnnn i’m gonna have to start saving now, i want em all


  • solefix

    Two of everything is a must!!

  • Yo G-Roc and the TSG ppl, here comes the hate.
    Come on JB, XIIIs, XIs, and VIIs are some of the ugliest designs of shoes ever. The VIIs just look bad around the heel area, the XIs as TokyoMike pointed out before; the toebox, the XIIIs have the bad toebox syndrome, the hole thingys on the side just make it look like a kids shoe, and the sole design is just awful.
    On a good note, I like the 3s, and yeah.

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    not sure why all the hype around the Gray XI ..boring boring bor..zzzzzzz

  • solefix


  • duders

    3’s all day son cant wait

  • Man I am amazed at all the releases! I need all but 2 not a big fam of 13 but the flint colorway is the only colorway I like on that shoe. But def great news!

  • retro87

    R they really comming out the 1st of each month or that’s just a typo

  • trulyfresh23

    ahhh sh*t!!! cant wait..need atleast 2 pair of cool greys for sure, XIII’s all 3 if i have enough cash money but def the wht/red joints, and cement III’s are a must cop, oh and dont care for VII’s at all…damn JB burnin a hole in my back pocket lately

  • @retro87 – Nah, it’s just the month they will release.

  • BcUz-I-cAn

    playoff 13s, bordoux, and cool greys will all be MINE!!!

  • Prince Brendan


  • Chevyboy

    consider ALL of these copped AT LEAST 2x……..Bordeaux’s might be 3!

  • def cop on the 3’s and 11’s and possible cop on the playoff 13’s, not a fan of 7’s and the other two cw’s of the 13’s

  • I Got Shoes

    Want um all except the playoff XIII’s.

  • dezi g

    its going digital nothin but heat
    feels like xmas

  • Chevyboy

    G-Roc—Is this why you haven’t talked to me today? You was holdin’ out on me!!!!!

  • NZA36

    bordeaux and cool grey are copped

  • Soleman 973

    I think I just wet my self seeing all the dope kicks comming out

  • I really don’t need another pair of cements…but, damn it they’re such SEXY BITCHES.
    And with all this POCKET PATTIN’, why do I feel like BONE THUGS right now with each release date being on the 1ST OF DA MONTH??:

  • Marcg*sparklecitySC*

    Wat up TSG fam haven’t commented on here in a while..but I check TSG daily…I been waiting on the playoff 13’s for years..every since I wore down my og’s back in the day..I could do for some cement 3’s too

  • I’ll def will be grabing couple or few pairs… It just all depend on JB LOL…. one thing i am excited about tho is the BIN23 Collection, i feel like Jb is looking forward so guys like me or others can still collect some Jordan… All these regular retros aren’t that appealing to me anymore… I guess i feel like a Grown Man lol..

  • Glad I Now Have a Jordan Rep in My Pocket BTW There will be a Few “Bombs” Dropping at the end of This Year 12/01/2010- 12/23/2010 From what I heard But I Dont care who You work for I still need concrete Pics Sample pics style codes and release dates to make me get a Boner Its Safe to say tho JB is on Some making a “Movie” (Shout out Khaled) Type Ish!! Very Interesting…. The Madness will to me Officially Begin this July…. Lets Go That is all Exclusive Game Out!!

  • I am sure everyone knows by now that Jordan is Official the Owner of The Bob Cat… Lol i was thinking to myself yesterday that’s y they are dropping to much retros haha they need that damn Ca$h..

  • flymatador

    All of these are copped !

  • Royal Swagness

    I WIll cut you like an ex baby’s mama anybody that gets in the way of my white cement 3’s. I’m coppin everything on the list and I mean everything. I smell 500 comments coming too.

  • Hye Style Kid

    13s one of my favorites so I’m all over these colorways
    Cool grey hell no never liked that colorway on any shoe
    And 3s yea jordan is making some moves

  • gdiemaster

    ISS for the win. CG’s are mine x2.

  • Jon_B

    Plaaaaayooooffffffs???!!!! (jada voice lol)

  • Royal Swagness don’t cut anyone homie!!!! Unless you wanna rock them 3’s without the shoestrings while doin’ hard time…at least you’ll be the flyest prisoner on the yard!!!

  • winjab

    3’s and cool grey XI for me.

  • I’m ’bout to break this down for y’all. DON’T HAVE ME BREAK THIS DOWN FOR NOTHIN’! Time for another rapisode.

    The Air Jordan XI is overpriced crap, I already got caught up in that trap.

    The Air Jordan XIII is really mean, a shoe so ugly it’s almost obscene!

    The Air Jordan III looks like baby booties, a shoe for the cats who still think girls have cooties!

    The Air Jordan VII actually ain’t that bad, if I was rocking those shoes, then I would look really rad.

  • Flint XIII / Cement III’s ~ That takes (2) off my TM “Grail” list!!!

  • bordeaux 7’s are one of my grails…they came out before i was even born…damn…thats all i gotta say…

  • Kevin

    i need them all !

  • Yeyo87

    Dios mio!!!! Muchos fucken zapatos!!!!!

  • FuturaKhan

    Very nice! I will be getting most except the flints cus I still got my pair from not too long ago.

  • ATLien_Smoke

    Everything copped except them Cool Greys.. What a line up though… And way to start off 2011 with a bang!!

  • K-I-double-D

    Everything is a must. Not really worried bout da red and white 13’s though. Them 7’s are heat and so are the cement 3’s. I just barely wore my black cement 3’s from da countdown pack last night 4 da first time. Had them on ice since 2008. I won’t lie it kind of hurt though but I’m over it now…

  • Looks like we’re finally inching back towards the days when you didn’t have get up at the crack of ass+++ to buy some gym shoes. Too much heat for the hype providers to keep up… Cats will have to pick out what they actually like and keep it moving… I love it.
    That being said, don’t get caught slipping on the flints or CG’s.

  • Bware113

    I’m going 4/6 or 5/6…but 3 of these are MUST haves!

  • Lem

    XI’s & III’s. Thank you sir.

  • OMG!! This is the best 6’oclock news EVERRRRRRRR lol. I want them all but I will pass on the 11s for the 13s, why would they release them on the same day? It’s some heat bout to come…JB is BACK!!

  • Baby Jordan

    Mannnnn to much HEAT I can smell the burnt money already

  • ImpalaLT1

    WHERE R THE CHICAGO 10z??????? Can we please show the 10z sum luv???

  • Man, thats too consistent to save up. might have to pass on some releases

  • josh

    there goes 925 bucks outta my pocket lol

  • Royal Swagness

    @ ToykoMike . lol I wouldn’t really cut someone, I can’t go to jail. they try to get me like damon did mini mike in Friday After Next. Come here lucky charms. but for now I’m focused on the Oreo 6’s , Powder Blue 9’s, O.g 2’s, and them ajko 1’s. think about this list coming october.



  • Solelacecollecter

    HOLYSHIT!!! I’m not even a Jordan head and I will have to praise this the greatest 6 o clock edition OF ALL TIME. Of ALL TIM!!! lol. Seriously, anybody who hates on anyone of these kicks should be kicked off the site…Forever!

    Cool Greys- Take a big dump on the space jams.

    Flints and original air 13’s- OH YESSSS

    Playoffs- Obviously A.I. wouldn’t say “playoffs…We talkin’ bout playoffs…Were not talkin’ about the game…Were talking bout playoff.” lol.

    Air Jordan XIII “Playoff”

    Cements- uff said!!!!

    Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux”- Warning: Do not sleep on these…I hate the 7’s, but these babies are so freakn awesome in colorway that we can bypass that.

  • Don’t care for the wht/red XIII’s, but hot damn it, gimme the rest!

  • Im not a big fan of the bordeaux colorway. but the cool grey 11s, the cement 3s and the playoff 13s: COPPED


    Wow. SMH. It just dont stop. JB want it all. They already reserving my money for early next year. Crazy. I dont know about yall but there aint much left for me after a lot of these releases. I been patiently waiting on them Bordeaux’s. I really hope they drop the OG warm up when they drop.

  • Robert Lau

    all copped except maybe the white and red XIII.

  • TheySayWhoDat

    Order of importance for me
    1. Cool Greys
    2. Playoffs
    3. Flint grey
    4. Bordeaux
    5. white cemnt 3s

  • XkrispyELI


    cant wait until the flint XIII’s.

  • sdot

    damn cant wait acutally i can cuz for me that over 2 grand in kicks.

  • prophecy1408

    are you serious?!

  • AirJedi

    A just re-organized my agenda….all cooped no matter what…on dec 2010 i would have already the money for the bordeaux!!!! After that i would slow down….hard!!! only 4 cements,grape 5,midnight 6 and chi x!!!

  • Coppin 3 pairs of everything except the xiii’s

  • jr_lyon

    My Shopping List:
    3 pairs of Bordeax 7s
    2 pairs of Playoff 13s
    1 pair of Cement 3s
    1 pair of Flint 13s
    1 pair white/red 13s
    1 pair Cool Grey 11s

    and a partridge in a pear tree

  • mrpogi1295

    all the above thank u

  • FLiP

    I would probably get all the 13s pass on the sevens and 11s cause I need money. I still got some cements so I’m good there.

  • sdot

    o and F that all white collection cant say ill be to mad if at all if i cant get my tenticles on the pairs i want with all these beast a$$ retros coming out you kinda forget about them.

  • PegCityKickZ

    Playoff XIII’s, Cement III’s, White/Red XIII’s & Cool Grey XI’s for me. Still thinking about the Bordeax VII’s.

  • Rockorocks

    The Bordeax 7s are mad over rated. The only hype is that there mad hard to find cause their old.

    I promise close to the release mad heads are gonna complain about them not looking like the OG’s.

  • 803sMiricle

    Cool Greys and Flints……. Joe Friday and Bill Gannon COPPED. And the 3’s…….. all hell iz gunna break loose if i dont get those.

  • Fran

    I’m gonna be getting 4 of the 6 posted 🙂
    Thanks for the info G roc 🙂

  • KamThaGr8

    I’ll settle for the Flint Greys XIII and the Cool Grey XI and that will be it for me

  • Lovin’ this news. 1 of each except the Bourdeaux’s…I’ll take 2 of them! Definitely pumped about all of these.

    Gonna have to hit some licks in the market to afford these extra expenses!

  • Retromaine

    beautiful. i’ll take everything

    Excusez moi….., JB GARCON…. FOR MY ENTREE, I vill have zee CEMENT TROIS and I vill have a DASH OV BORDEAUX on zee side… merci beacoup
    ZEY XIIIs can stay whair zey are…..

  • AirJedi

    The 11 are the best over rated shoes in the planet..i love them but gime me any 7 over them…..they would not yellow in a second and they area way comfy…Bordeaux wow!! remember those on 91 with the jam song…..

  • AirJedi

    all cooped not matter what!!!! after the bordeaux..only 4 cements,grape 5,chi x and 6 mdnight…if not see you later jb…

  • J Flo

    why do they do this to xis i happen to love the xis but they hype the shit out of em over price them and make em like shit smh wish my 2001s were still in good shape

  • everything is copped, already got most of these shoes but i need fresh ones.

  • weezy23

    Damn the 1es and 11s on the same day not cool JB although u know them dates will change on us

  • Wade to JB

    AJ XIII’s for me

  • weezy23

    Oops meant 13s and 11s

  • Heli Cienfuegos

    OH MY GOD!
    everything but the flints, i already got em! 🙂


    i gotta get my money UP!

  • cuda

    I am so glad most everybody is not feelin the bourdeaux’s. Besides the grape v’s this is the single jordan that I want most! I want them so bad I hope they don’t release so they stay in limited quantities so when I finally track down a pair it’ll be well worth it.

  • any chance Nike Air might return as well with the cement III’s?

  • KicksBoyWonder

    I’m coppin everything!!!!!

  • KicksBoyWonder


  • HURRIC@N3 24

    I’ll be copping the “Cool Grey” XIs, the “Flint” XIIIs, the White “Cement IIIs

    Pass on the “Playoff” XIIIs(Too much black) & “Bordeaux” VIIs(Don’t like VIIs) & White/Red XIIIs(Can’t with the “Cool Greys also droping in December)

    I will be getting the “Oreo” VIs this weekend

    I won’t be getting the “S.A.” IXs for sure, maybe the “S.A.” IIIs or IVs, not sure, probably the IVs since the White “Cements” are coming out & the “True Blues” rumored to be coming out

    I will be getting the White/Black/Red AJKOs, & I will pass on the White/Red AJKOs

    I will pass on the Black/Citrus IXs

    Pass on the “Charcoal” IXs

    Will decide on either the “Powder Blue” IXs & “O.G.” IXs

    Pass on the “White/Varsity Red” XIs(Heard the Infrared Pack will be an international exclusive)


    Idk if the “Concord” XIs or “Snake Skin Pack” XIs are coming out any more.

    Almost forgot, I have a solid maybe on the “O.G.” IIs, probably not since I’m spending too much $ on kicks

    Other sneaker buys:
    1.Kobe/Aston Martin Pack
    2.Cranberry 1/2 Cents
    3.Metallic Red Foamposites(Myth)
    4.Playoff Zoom Kobe Vs
    5.A pair of Omar Salazar Nike SBs
    6.Royal Blue Foamposites

  • Blue Crew

    Just got home from work. It’s good to hear this great news. Thanks G-ROC. I’m new to the site and I enjoy this great resource for all the info.

  • D_REED20

    i want all except the 3’s

  • HURRIC@N3 24

    I will also pass on the “Lakers” & “Pistons” VIs because they are str8 FUGLY

    Pass on University Blue/Black IIs(Light blue shoes on me? Never)

    Pass on Navy Blue/ Orange IIs(Also too colorful)

    The only shoes I’ll pay attention to in the “Bin 23 Collection” will be the IIIs, IVs, Vs, XIs, but if they all look the same as the IIs then I will also pass.

    Jordan Brand should start releasing new, non-bulls colorways, which are usually my favorites, i.e.: “True Blue” IIIs, “Cool Grey” XIs, “Flint” XIIIs, “Wheat” XIIIs, “Black Cat” IIIs, “Powder Blue” IXs, “Cherry Wood” XVIs & “Grape” Vs

  • NiccoThaShoeKid

    ohh mayne. coppin everythin except Bordeaux’s, dont like em thats just me.

  • macabrecrown666

    (macabrecrown666 plays “golden age” by tv on the radio on his computer, and proceeds to do the “cement 3 dance”)
    oh yeah, i remember there was a post a few months ago that the true blue 3s might be releasing in the U.S. this year, does anyone know if that’s going to happen?

  • 101st !!!!! and 23edge the chances of “Nike Air” coming back are slim since Jordan Brand is a completely different entity than Nike.

  • DunksonDeck – ATL

    I will at least get one pair of each. At least now I can plan a bit. Get your money right people 🙂

  • Wow this year is crazy. It hurts cause realisticly, there is nooo way I can afford all the sneakers I want this year. Only ones I will be pickin up from this group is the white/red 13’s and the cement 3’s.

  • sal

    JB releasing some serious kicks. I will have to hold on to some cash come holiday season. Those cool greys are looking nice. So are the Flint Xiii’s. 2011 starting off strong…oo wee AJIII that’s been a must have for me. Might be one of my fav AJs

  • LICswangin

    yo dam i wanna cop sume bordeaux 7s plus da playoffs or the flints. a really hard cop i reely gotta think bout getting is the cement 3s though cuz i wanted the fusions but i never copped em

  • carter

    I’ll take them all except the white/red 13’s

  • gotjordans?

    Bordeauxs, White Grey 3s, Playoffs 13s and White red 13s… that’s enough for me…!

  • BrooklynSole

    I know i should be excited but, for some strange reason i am not. I have the Original playoff 13’s and flints and it was a blessing to get my hands on them when i did. there seems like there is no more exclusivety in the brand anymore!!! youll seen everybody with was once “HOLY GRAILS”. I have mixed feelings about this release.

  • Bigfam

    What’s the good news TSG? o.k I see it’s officially going down that’s what it is true talk. G-Roc you did it again (Good info my brother). Need all these joints for the collection ya heard especially Playoff 13 had them they got stolen (Long story), but anyway want them again also the Flints/Reds real silly got two pair of “3’s”, they both been compromise by a flood but stil holding on to them still in good shape just not rocking them anymore ya dig. COOL GREY’S silly got them already not DS, in good condition still def copping early and the 7 bordeaux classics didn’t mess with the pack but these I’ll definately copp. G-Roc still no word on the “True Blue” release holla when you info also just copp the “Lebron Dunkman’s” yesterday them joints is SUPER STOOPID that purchase made my day along with a dutch stuff with that goody good ya heard. UNO

  • carter

    what the hell are the cool grey 11’s going to cost 175? are they doing the same thing as the spacejam’s?

  • Juice

    7’s my fav, so I’m def coppin’ the bordeaxs, cool grey’s and flint grey’s get purchased, and cement 3’s maybe..just maybe.Thanks for the update G-Roc, lol you make bigfam type mini-novels in the comment section.

  • fortydogg

    only need da flint and 3s

  • king w

    My Shopping List:
    1 pair of Bordeax 7s
    2 pairs of Playoff 13s
    1 pair of Cement 3s
    1 pair of Flint 13s
    1 pair white/red 13s
    2 pairs Cool Grey 11s

  • J-Dawgggg.

    mannnn, all that is gonna be in my closet, i will camp out for all of ’em. im gonna start saving up later this year for all this heat! fyuhhhhhh! OBO. lmao.

  • iSETtrenDz

    ppl is crazy…

    i’m coppin’ all of them along with all the jordan retroes for 2010 (at least 90% of them, few gettin’ passed)