TSG 6 O’Clock Footwear News: 1/27/10

TSG 6 O’Clock Footwear News: 1/27/10


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Today’s 6 O’Clock Footwear News brings you the latest from Reebok and Converse, while Nike and Jordan Brand dominates the rest of the news. Make sure you check out the 6 O’Clock news after the jump…

Reebok Hawaiian Insta Pump Fury

Reebok’s Insta Pump Fury is one of the low-key models that doesn’t get a lot of limelight but has a huge following. Spring isn’t here yet, but Reebok is offering Insta Pump fans the Hawaiian Pack. Now available at select Reebok accounts.

Cons Skateboarding Boat Shoe

Converse Skateboarding “CONS” line is offering their consumers a variety of styles this year. For Spring 2010, the boat inspired shoe called the Sea Star is part of the collection. Keep your eyes peeled for these.

Nike Blazer High

New Blazer releases is nothing new nowadays. If you’re always checking for the latest Blazer drops, then you should know these just dropped.

Air Jordan 2 White Silver

The Air Jordan 2 “Silver Anniversary” edition release date has also been changed. They now have a new release date which is, February 27th. Retail, $135.

Kill Bill Nike Big Nike High

The Kill Bill Big Nike is now available at select Nike accounts. The colorway is obvious and blood splatter detailing is featured along the upper.

Jordan Icons Jordan Brand Classic PE

This year at the Jordan Brand Classic basketball game, the players will be wearing this special makeup of the Jordan Icons. The Jordan Brand Classic logo is seen on the heel and insole. No word on if these will be available in stores.

Nike All Star Hyperize 2010

Here’s the East and West colorways of theĀ All-Star Hyperize. Both colors will be available at House of Hoops, February 6th.

Air Jordan 1 Premium QS

Remember these Jordan 1’s? Well, they were suppose to release last year, but we were informed that they will release as a quickstrike release soon.

  • Royal Swagness

    ^ what ! what ! retro 3 white cements. those are my favorite air jordans. give me the date and I will be camped out 3 days in advance getting ready to cop 5 pair. buy two for myself , send my sister to stand in line at another footlocker, sent my two brothers, and my sister’s boyfriend at different locations. I’m not going to sell them I just want enough pair to last the rest of my life.

  • Royal Swagness


  • BigfootNJ

    it’s starting to look like g-roc is gonna have a lot to talk about tomorrow. lol. cement IIIs AND cool grey XIs? damn, jb is really doing it big for the 25th anniversary.

  • JordanAmbassador4Life

    Those Converse “Cons” skate kicks are sick. Not a fan of the white 2’s and those Reebok’s are dispicable.

  • Sneaky Feet

    some serious heat droppin from JB 2s, 3s, 6s, 9s, 11s damn where the indiglo 14s? And you know I’m scoopin some more eggplant foams. I wanted the coppers but I won’t be coppin those. No worry. More than enough heat to hold me down in 2010

  • http://theshoegame.ning.com/profile/MelloYelloMD MelloYelloMD

    Cons straight ripped the Vans Barcos

  • bigabebubz

    just got my space jams they re up’d on osneaker says they came from shanghai how do i know if my shoes are legit

  • http://theshoegame.ning.com/profile/TokyoMike TokyoMike

    Royal Swagness dude trust me, I’m rubbin’ one out every night thinking about the morning I wake up and see they’re available so I can get my second pair (first pair’s already reserved…..c’mon son, AIN’T NO HALF STEPPIN’!!!)
    am95connoisseur MAN, SOMETIMES, YOU JUST GOTTA HIT EM WITH THE FRUITY PEBBLES FLAVORED KICKS LOL…..I don’t understand how they look that good to me either, but they do, so f*** it, I’m throwin’ em on every chance I get. OK, Not if I’m walking past a Gay Rights rally….then I’ll go with the Crocs/socks combo to ward off any would-be meat lovers lookin’ for some brown sugar from the dude in the “pretty sneakers”….but every OTHER situation, I’m rockin’ the Oly’s…..

  • bigabebubz

    yo tokyo how do i know if my space jams are legit g

  • http://theshoegame.ning.com/profile/TokyoMike TokyoMike

    ^^Where’d you buy em? You should be able to find a ton of close up, high res pics online (TSG archives, those other wanna-be TSG sites lol)….if you got em online at a regular shop (Eastbay, PYS, etc) then you’ve got nothing to worry about man. If you bought em from a guy’s trunk at 2:00 a.m. behind a WalMart, then you may be rockin’ some fakes.

  • http://theshoegame.ning.com/profile/4Drumz 4DRUMZ

    Why are we surprised about the III’s and XI’s. It only makes manufacturing sense that if you’re going to fire up the engines for the True Blue’s and Space Jam’s… you keep them mugs rolling and throw in a bunch of different material. THEORY: Left-over True Flight & 3M Toro/Bravo Material = Oreo & Laker VI’s … JB’s got a whole warehouse of heat that’s probably been stocked for close to a year… Shoot… the III’s will probably come with a pre-yellowed heel cup from waiting around for release (hope not… I NEED a pair in my life)!!!

  • bigabebubz

    got em on osneaker g i just dont wonna be rockin no fake kicks

  • carter

    how much you pay for them? and i’ve heard that osneaker is real but I’ve never brought from them before

  • http://www.tyree-dillihay.blogspot.com R E E

    ONLY way i’m coppin’ more cement IIIs is if they got NIKE AIR on the back. I love my 3s but I need more incentive than just another fresh pair to keep coppin’!!
    As far as this batch goes…I’m feelin’ those hyperizes and I got an early release of the 2s already (they go hard!)…I suggest getting a 1/2 size smaller becuz 2s have always been slightly on the bulky side ESPECIALLY in the toebox. I like those sea stars but I’d rather just get a Stefan Janoski SB cuz the silhouette works with my foot better.

  • bigabebubz

    285 plus shipping yeah last time tokyomike said osneaker is legit too

  • carter

    I’d said they was real from what I’ve heard about them, but 1 question…. WHAY ASK IF THE ARE REAL NOW YOU ALREADY PAID THE 285.00??? LMAO! it’s not like you can get a refund

  • bigabebubz

    what you mean mane ill be like dude give me my money back fo real haha cheaa good lookin out carter