TSG 6 O’Clock Footwear News: 2/8/10

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Good evening, and welcome to TSG 6 O’Clock Footwear News for February 8, 2010. Check out the news after the jump…

Puma Black Label Footwear

Here’s a first look at Puma’s Black Label footwear line. Puma’s Black Label footwear will be available Fall/Winter 2010. See more here

Reggie Bush and Swizz Louboutin's

Who Dat? Oh, that’s Reggie Bush and Swizz Beatz posing with their studded Christian Louboutin sneakers at one of the Super Bowl after parties.

Royalefam SBTG Valentines Day Dunk Hi

Royalefam designed a Dunk High called “Die Die My Darling” for Valentine’s Day which is limited to only 16 pairs.

For this coming Valentines, Royalefam has came up with a 16 pair limited edition model called “Die Die My Darling”. Die, Die, My Darling is a Bloody Valentine love story featuring the legendary pin-up girl of the Memphis Belle B-17F flying fortress warplane, Sawtooth nose art, red rival camo, bullet hole print and Valentine blood rose.

Clae Footwear 2010 Spring Summer

Here’s a look at Clae’s 2010 Spring/Summer offerings. These models are now available at Clae retailers worldwide.

Vans Vault Switchback LX

This colorway of the Vans Switchback LX releases at Vans Vault retailers on February 10th. The Switchback LX retails for $120.

Supra Skytop Heartbreaker

As many of you already know, Supra designed a “Heartbreaker” Skytop for Valentine’s Day. No release info yet, but they should release this week.

Air Jordan 1 Quickstrikes

Remember we said these Air Jordan 1’s were going to drop soon as a quickstrike release? Well, they are now available at select JB accounts.

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  • These shoes all have one important thing in common. I don’t want any of them.

  • RealsCartel

    1’s are played out to the fullest

  • i’ll keep it short today-pass on all

  • chi-sole

    if that royalefam wasnt sooo limited i would probaby cop, but hey atleast i saved money tis month

  • Easy STEVE NASH pass for me on all

  • JEFF

    im with ConverseKing on dis one

  • Royal Swagness

    ^ If am95 is taking a steve nash pass on these I’ll take a Rajon Rondo pass on these. would of said chris paul but he’s out 4-6 weeks with a ” sprained ankle that’s nothing to be played with”. – drake

  • weezy23

    I like non of the above and thoose shoes reggie bush has are gay

  • Sneakers O’ Toole

    feelin those vans and pumas.

  • ATLien_Smoke

    Pass on all…Yea, those studded joints are gay!!!

  • DMONEY414_L@¢€_F@¢€



  • fillup703

    pumas are very classy. i like.

  • WTF is y’all talkin ’bout? Those SBTG dunks are off the richter scale….& pass on the rest.

  • Lem

    No go on any of them. The shoes that Bush and Beats have are garbage. What grown man would wear such nonsense?

  • me

    SBTG needs to just retire. It was a fad people liked the only ones that were actually good were the actualy SB sbtg. Other than thata ll others are crap.

  • Nick Keller

    Royalefam shoes are sick, but the price is downright bush. I’m gonna have to Drew Brees pass….



  • “Manning drops back, eyes TokyoMike coming across the middle…..OHHHHHHH, PICKED OFF BY EASY-PASS-ON-ALL-ON-ALL-THESE!!”

  • LOL @ all the pass comments.
    all of you are SHOE INS future HALL OF FAMERS with all the dimes and hail mary’s that were thrown tonight 🙂

  • Royal Swagness

    lol @ toykomike. fastbreak down the court Chauncey Billups PASS ! on all these everyday to Carmelo anthony for the Tommahawk slam and one. foul by Amare Stoudemire

  • I’m startin to be a pretty big Vans fan…not feelin those switchbacks tho. But those Pumas! Real Sharp!

  • Manfromoz

    Im gonna cop a pair of those Supra heartbreakers in sweet red canvas. perhaps also the Clae Zissou in fresh ‘Mint green’ for the beach. im a also sit back and enjoy my first pair of foamposites that came in the mail today. 2010 model in eggplant ‘Varsity Purple’. Sooo sweet. better than i imagined. Im like a kid in a candy shop! “go Manfrom, its your birthday…we gonna party like, its your Birthday” woot woot

  • lucasbrazuka

    the royal fams are soo fresh!!

  • Stevie Westside

    Pass on all

  • Stevie Westside

    none of those are fresh, stockton them

  • Zack Attack Johnson

    ah ha finally some shoes i dont want maybe ill be able to pay all my bills now. Suck it trebek . those supras scared the cum out of me, ugly. beeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh dave chepele beahhh beahhh. suck ass

  • DunksonDeck – ATL

    Those pumas look pretty nice. Was about to cop some clark boots, but I may re-think.

    RoyalFam always brings it. Good stuff.

  • Happa

    Nothing for me…