TSG Exclusive: Fat Joe Talks About His Protege Sneaker Line

We caught up with Fat Joe and sat him down in the interrogation room to discuss a few sneaker topics. While in the interrogation room, we got Joey Crack to talk about his Protege sneaker line. If you want to know how this project came about, watch the video and find out from the man himself, Fat Joe.

Fat Joe’s Protege “They Sick” sneaker is in Kmart and Sears stores now for $34.99. The Protege Blackout sneaker will be available on Black Friday.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • fran

    He’s doing something dope for the kids, and thats whats up IMO. I hope more brands are down to do something like this. Cuz in the end shoes are all about the love.

  • Tilla-J

    ^franalations? lol wordddd

  • D

    You can never hate on someone doing something positive. I personally wouldn’t cop the kicks but they honestly don’t look that bad. I’m curious to see the rest of the interview though. 10K for some kicks now that’s crazy.

  • zane

    they actully look good on the feet….my cop for bsketbll…re there ny other colorwys??

  • C Lo

    I saw these in person and they don’t look that bad. At least he’s giving back to the community.

  • sole4sole

    they sick. lmao ha ha. a real good look on joey’s end.

  • Haux

    Sears? Aren’t proteges k-mart exclusives? Well spear matter same people that shop at kmart for kicks shop at sears for kicks. Lol

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  • Haux

    Doesn’t* idk how Apple doesn’t to spear is a good correction.

  • Haux

    Doesn’t* idk how Apple thinks doesn’t to spear is a good correction.

  • c brown

    DAMN G…first Mayor now this…you ARE doing big things (emails SneakerFreaker and Complex right now!!!!!!!) Its time the world took notice..great interview.. way to be informed about the subject matter…Im looking for to the second part…..

    Now as far as Fat Joe…Dude is kinda talking outta the side of his mouth…You cant talk that recession ish.. kids cant afford $200 dollar sneaker ish..then get photographed ALLL last week in them Kanye Louies (we saw you Joe)…Kids want these “expensive” items not because of the quality but because they SEE people like you rocking them….Jordans ruled the world for damn never 3 decades BECAUSE MJ played in them..chilled in them…and they embodyed the spirit of Mike (BE LIKE MIKE!!!)…If im a lil kid..and Im a Fat Joe fan…I wanna rock what you rock…not rock what you endorse…As much rappers, entertainer, etc..rap that stay in school ish…but everytime you see them they spending money…wearing ice..just being Negrodian…it sends a mix message..I applaud a dude like Ewing(just dated myself again) and Shaq for going independent and rocking independent…

  • Feeling Real, Real Good about this.. Good interview (solid questions G-Roc). I hope he succeeds in blessing the kids with fly affordable kicks.. Can’t Hate on the Love..

  • Vagrant

    Good stuff G-Rock. Looking forward to P2. Much respect to Fat Joe for doing the interview and keeping straight.

  • Sweet I’m go 2 kmart and cop me a pair and lean back lean back, c r a c k

  • He was dead on……all the kicks we love and spend STUPID money for only cost about $25 to make……it’s a damn shame.
    Good interview…..and I already know what they were discussing in the small snipet of Pt.2…how NYC dudes went to Baltimore to cop AF1’s back in the day and bring em back to the city since B-More got them shits first…..

  • CAD 5000

    I respect what joe is doing even though most people I know would never wear the shoes. It a blessing when you got all of at cheese and you are able still look out for your community with a low cost kick.

  • line them up next to the YUMS ala Omarion for the wackest HIP/HOP artist shoe ever………EPIC FAIL….

  • if you want to help the KIDS…unload some FUGAZI Jordans of JFK into the hands of children wearing busted ass Walmart kicks……they got truck loads and ya’ll know them run about the same price….variant Jordans or Protege Fugs?

  • You would pay 100 dollars if they said NIKE

    I might have to get a pair when they come out. All shoes are made out of the same materials anyway. It costs Nike $10-15 dollars to make Jordans……It costs you $150 dollars for you to rock them.