TSG First Look: Reebok Insta Pump Fury 2010 Preview

Reebok Insta Pump Fury

Here is the TSG First Look at the new Reebok INSTA Pump Fury for 2010. First, we gave you a look at the Reebok Ventilator Theory in this colorway and the 2nd colorway. Now we unveil 2 color ups for this INSTA Pump Fury that will hit Reebok accounts next year.

If you have ever seen the original Reebok INSTA Pump Fury, you’ll immediately recognize some major changes (go here if you don’t know what I’m talking about). This new model comes in a much leaner silhouette. The shape now looks like the popular sock liner design, though this model is not a seamless one piece. Instead of the durasheen/leather combo upper that the original model has been seen in, this one comes with a very big open perf toe box, instep, side paneling and back heel.

It’s original mid and outsole is replaced with a new Reebok mid and outsole (the Ventilator Theory also has the same sole). Flip the shoe upside down and you can view, what looks to be, a form of “Supra Light Hardened Carbon“. These fixed carbon composite fibers allow the shoe to have a very light weight and powerful platform in the aerodynamics department for trainers.

This technology is normally used on high end cycling shoes and is also very expensive to produce. The  last piece of the puzzle is the Reebok Pump located on the tongue. Give it a few pumps and you get a customize fit with ultimate comfort. Look for both colorways in 2010.














Which color do you like?

Thanks to Mike at Michael K and Reebok for the exclusive look. Stay tuned to TSG for more on this series, “TSG First Look”.


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  • TC Da Heat Holder

    Yo, just wore my Tan/Red IntsaPumps the other day! I’m grabbing both pairs IDGAF what people say!

  • ^That’s right, buy what you like, TC.

  • trey

    better then anything nike or jordan has done in a long time

  • lilbusta2318

    The grey pair is sick!

  • ArtVandelay

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeae make these in a 15 or larger Reebok. The Sasquatch sized brothas want some instapump love to.

    If you do, you just sold two pairs…Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy

  • Converse King

    These shoes look like floatation devices. Push the button, and POP! Walkin’ on water, baby! Too bad they didn’t have these on the Titanic!

  • the orange pair look great! I would wear them

  • Chadio (OSD)

    These are some designs that def push the envelope for future sneaker designs. I’m digging both of these colorways. Good job Reebok. I am taking notice of some decent new designs in your Forte!

  • abc123

    Wow, these are pretty dope.

    I never ever bother to comment on shoes, but these Insta Pumps are pushing the boundaries of sneaker design.

    If these are easily attainable, count me in…will be my first pair of Reeboks for sure.