TSG “Space Jam” Apparel Catalog

Space Jam Jordan T-Shirts

We should have posted this yesterday, but we didn’t, so today we present our “Space Jam” apparel catalog. Yes, just about every brand you can think of made some type of clothing to match the highly anticipated Space Jam Air Jordan XI. We might be missing a few, but peep our Space Jam apparel catalog after the jump…

Jordan “Space Jam” Tees

Jordan Space Jam T Shirts

Jordan “Space Jam” hoody

Jordan Space Jam Hoody

Sneaker Boy – All apparel available here

Sneaker Boy Space Jam Sweatshirt

Sneaker Boy Space Jam Hoody

Sneaker Boy Space Jam T Shirt

The Freshness x Fully Laced Space Jam tee available here

The Freshness Space Jam Shirt

Undrcrwn “Space Jam” tee available here

Undrcrwn Space Jam T Shirt

Fully Laced “Space Jam” tee available here

Fully Laced Space Jam T Shirt

dope x Sneaker Politics “Space Jam” tee available here

dope x Sneaker Politics Space Jam Shirt

dope Sneaker Politics Space Jam Shirt

Sneaktip “Space Jam” tee available here

Sneaktip Space Jam T Shirt

Sneaktip Space Jam T Shirt

Extra Butter “Space Jam” Friends & Family. Only 11 made!

Extra Butter Friends and Family Space Jam Shirt

Extra Butter Friends and Family Space Jam Shirt

Extra Butter “Space Jam” tee available here

Extra Butter Space Jam T Shirt

Extra Butter Space Jam T Shirt

Bobby Fresh “Space Jam” apparel available here

Bobby Fresh Space Jam Lick My Kicks Sweatshirt

Bobby Fresh Space Jam T Shirts

Bobby Fresh Sole Icey Space Jam Crew Neck

The Freshness “Space Jam” Bully Outline tee available here

The Freshness Space Jam Bully T Shirt

Kreativ.Sole “Space Jam” sweatshirt available here

Kreativ Sole Space Jam Crewneck

KS Kreativ Sole Space Jam

Vandal-A “Space Jam” tee available here

Vandal A Space Jam T Shirt

Bird Club Clothing Space Jam tees available here

Bird Club Clothing Space Jam We Are Not The Same Shirt

Bird Club Clothing Space Jam We Are Not The Same Shirt

Bird Club Clothing Space Jam Shirt

Bird Club Clothing Space Jam Shirt

Bird Club Clothing Space Jam Shirt

That’s all folks!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • First two are crack

  • tommaso

    some of these shirts are sick!!! Def gonna buy a few.

  • MisterMcfly23

    dope, may have to scoop a few of these…

  • solefix

    Wow everybody did they thing and I think we’ve been taken care of this time around more than any sneaker in a long time damn!

  • wow, all of these tees are really amazing. thanks for including us in this post. we really appreciate it.

  • ^No problem!

  • XkrispyELI

    the freshness tee is my favorite.

  • Blue cheese


  • Hye Style Kid

    Never really liked matching too much but im diggin the one with kiss on it, the undrcrwn, and the sneaker boy apparrel are the best and prolly the only ones i would wear

  • Shaun

    These tees are really tough.

  • ATLien_Smoke

    Dope Tees… I like a few of them… Good luck to those still on the hunt for the Space Jamz…

  • emmanueLabor

    I need to get that “we are not the same” T…I just dont have space jams lol

  • o.s.t

    Quick question since footlocker is doing a sale are the spacejams $25 off like the white/red 12’s & rising suns.

  • Kofie

    @emmanuelLabor, I thought i was the only one, that shirt is sick! I think I like the black one. Wait maybe the white one. May have to get both lol!

  • The Freshness Bully joint, Sneakerboy Tee of course, sneaktip bugs, and the Bird Club “we are not the same” are my favorites.


    o.s.t., to answer your question, i went to footlocker and the guy said that coupons, sales, etc won’t apply to the space jams.

  • I heart Gene Simmons….so I gotta go wit Bobby Fresh ftw….yadadamean?!

  • Jerronimo

    Nice designs!

  • Converse King

    The first tee-shirt is hot, the undrcrwn tee is hot, the Sneaktip tee is hot, the one that says “sole icy” is hot too. I don’t care for the rest.

  • big hank

    watch out on ordering tees from bobby fresh i ordered the sole icey tee like two weeks ago still nothing and i think thy are dodgeing my calls

  • dope post !! good way to put people on for some gear

  • Get me all peoples! Minus a few, lol

  • preciate the support TSG!!! we’ve been selling our crewneck great since you went to press with this!!! #7 & #8 from the BOTTOM
    LETS GO!!!

  • Official Post G, thanks 4 all the support from TSG 2 all the sneakerheads that support TRUE creativity thank u 2! Get @ us

  • Purple Haze

    that we are not the same tee is riiiiiiiight>>>>> on mommas. both colors.

  • All are nice…

  • I’m feelin’ all of em….nice to see a bunch of designers put their spin on the same thing/theme and produce alot of quality stuff….that “We Are Not The Same” shirt in black is dope as hell.

  • DAMN! That freshnes tee is a most deff cop!
    Ill be lookin fresh with that tee and my space jams
    stay up freshnes

  • wil

    what website is that first hoodie from?

  • ^Not sure.

  • KamDaGr8

    All those styles are nice but I’m going with the Sneakerboy Tee

  • 2Footsup

    yea we got more than enough 2 choose from for the space jams, good job on showing all the variety. Shout out 2 allthe designers/brands. I saw that sneakerboy joint 1st tho, still my favorite, i just copped the hoody. I gotta blow the whistle(no homo)on sneak tip tho,c’mon man. 2 each his own but I’m diggin the sneakerboy joint I guess they were too. freshness joint nice 2 like the fully laced tips.

  • 1_Sn3aker_H0lic

    definitely some super fresh tees…

  • i copped the fully laced tee

  • Young G

    Last 2 shirts by birdclub is da best hands down!!!

  • Young G

    u can get dat hoody on uptempoair.com

  • aj

    are the sizes in adults or youth

  • aj

    are the sizes in adults or youth

  • aj

    are the sizes in youth or adult

  • Casey

    I want one. How do I order it?