Tyga Spotted in Nike Air Yeezy 2′s

October 16, 2012 | 10

Although rapper Tyga is signed to Reebok, it looks like he needed a little breather from the “R”. He recently been spotted in a pair of Solar Red/Black Nike Air Yeezy 2′s. Maybe he wanted to stay low key and decided to rock’em to the gym.

But how low key can you really be wearing a pair of Yeezy 2′s to the gym? Let’s hope he doesn’t get in trouble with Reebok. Did you manage to luck up on a pair of Yeezy 2′s after the release?

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  1. Executive aka Brandon the Gent

    Dude need some bass in his voice.

  2. snuffaluff

    and some weight on that damn bar!

  3. 11_Spacejams

    ^^^Ha! Likkel tyga no wanga gut no wanga belly

  4. Who is this little kid? Does he have polio. ??

  5. mask

    well im not big by any means but i can def put up more weight than that even with the olymipc bar. Im sure he has a trainer though so maybe it is part of a master plan….oh yeh this is a sneaker site. Yeezys are a good look no matter what your doin.

  6. Grind305

    Nigga need some steroids lol…but at that size he needs a little more wieght than that

  7. bladaoh

    who goes to the gym to work out without a shirt?

  8. Who goes to the gym shirtless, with Yeezy 2′s and a snapback on to lift 50 lbs? Look what Instagram has done

  9. Redcheck

    Lml he skipped leg day. And arm day. I bench more than that and ‘m 15.

  10. swaveyKidd

    #weakk! lmao scroney ass cant lift 10 pounds head ass yo skinny ass built like the bar

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