Ultimate Sneaker Face Palm Moments

ultimate sneaker face palm moments

Wash your hands before you read this feature.

We are all guilty of hearing or witnessing something in the sneaker world that forces an immediate face palm. When was your last sneaker face palm? With everything being so social these days, our palms stay mad busy yo! TSG decided to round up some of the Ultimate Sneaker Face Palm Moments, so check out the feature and enjoy!

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  • Shawty Black

    The Birdman Lugz was a far worse look for Birdman than for Lugz, but yeah that plus how ugly the show was a bad look for everyone involved.

  • Shawty Black

    There’s a whole lot I wanna say about Slide #12, but I won’t because the wife’ll kill me.

  • Shawty Black

    I forgot about those Sprewell “Spinning Rims”. Those are definitely the worst and biggest facepalm of them all.

  • AlSneaks

    this list is classic! I miss “say no to fakes”

  • @Shawty Black – You know you had a pair of the Birdman Lugz back in the day. No one is judging you though, bruh bruh.

    @AlSneaks – Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Say No to Fakes was so much fun.

    Since today is Thursday, you know what that means… Throwback Thursday.

    That said, enjoy! lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RY1VNGmUH4

  • Executive aka NFG

    Lol@ shawty black, I know exactly what you were thinkin bruh! Lmao

  • sixburgh

    That was Trinidad James in the Galaxy camp out video.

  • Those Fubu Spizikes are tough…to look at.

  • Those Fubu Spizikes are tough…to look at.

  • xkb

    man some of these posts brought back memories. TSG has always been the most entertaining sneaker blog. Whatever happened to TokyoMike? lol

  • deek

    yo first of all big boi should know that if you going call a shoe a name double and triple check before doing so that you are saying the right name for the shoe, then secondly if you are a sneaker head you gotta know when sneaks drop. Jordans are one of the easiest to keep up with. most of the time its og cw and if its a different one then its going carry much hype even back then, thirdly if the source you got the shoe from is not a trusted source then you definitely dont wear it. Like the even was for sneakerheads!!!!! why even take a chance just keep it easy and valid. He could of just went in any Nike/flight club store(he has money) and got what ever he wanted to sport out on stage for the event. For that i look down on him as a sneakerhead i do love him as a rapper and a true pitbull man but outside of that that is was lame. J-roc he was just wack for that 4000 comment and he knows he didnt pay that much for them fake ass shoes. Fubu spizikes come on bruh and that sprewell trash!!! gtfoh. I did like the chic licking the shoe for all kinds of reasons. lol finally the Ross thing is truely sad. I understand some of it but they could of just expressed to that man to watch what he says. its not like ross wasnt already controversal thats part of the reason they picked him to rep for them cuz he commands and audience…..So what the expect from a street ninja. lol

  • omar najeeb

    Man, listen…if we’re gonna co-sign against the shoe-licking make it ezr to do so by showin a n-word ( letter “A” at the end, folks) lickin the outsoles of brand new kix. I’m never going against a chic lookin like the one on #12, lickin on anything!!!

  • 23edge

    So many bad sneaker memories tied to ATL 😛

  • pyrex_plato

    i remember that sb interview with todd jordan and when the heavens gate was scrapped i was hurt

  • Rust

    Yeezys did jump over the jump man..

  • Wow this brought back soooo many memories thru out the years of TSG. I remember use clowning J. Rock collection full of fake sneakers. I remember how hyped we was with that interview G-Roc did with the sb skaters and the whole Heavens Gates mess. This brought back alot of memories. “Wow I need a moment yall, see I almost felt a tear drop.”-Nas- Can’t Forget About You

  • new2_dagame

    Some of these post reminded me how long I’ve been rocking with TSG and G-Roc. Proud to say I see the progression and looking forward to a few more years.

    P.S. I remember a video of Clark Kent taking us through his collection and said he was goin to sale his Paris joints, y’all never posted anything about it nor did I find them on eBay. Whatever happened to those?

  • Guess Who?

    Jaro liking am 90’s aah refreshing but the young berg reference was on point