Ultramarine Nike Air Max 180 Returns

ultramarine nike air max 180 2018

They’re back!

A certified classic returns.

The Ultramarine Nike Air Max 180 is hands down the most popular and most sought after colorway. Every now and then Nike re-releases this OG colorway, and it’s time for a new retro.

On February 2, the Ultramarine Air Max 180 will be available on Nike.com and select retailers.

The retail price is $130.

Do you need a fresh pair or are you already stocked up?

Photos: overkill

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  • C Brown

    G please mark this on your calender….August 20, 2018 (on or ab-oust) …just in time for back to school and F&F at the Nike Outlet….(insert local outlet name here) had these for $29.99 on hash…..

  • theloverswineverytime

    Nope. Just gimme the mint 93s.

  • javi

    Your thirst is showing again hype?

  • OGedge

    I passed on this shoe so many times, and now I want it so bad. Sooo glad they’re back. Lately I’ve been on a retro Air Max binge. They’re the only shoes that get me excited when I buy them

  • DJR

    That’s why I’m having a hard time justifying buying these. Literally every time they released in the past they were dumb cheap. I’m probably gonna just be patient and hope for that $29.99 price. If not, I’ll just pass.

  • Smallzgotkickz

    Been waiting on a good retro of these for awhile my pair doesn’t fit anymore is badly yellowed.

  • OGedge

    Isn’t it like that with most shoes though…. the new hotness was on clearance a few years ago, and now you’re paying double.

  • DJR

    You’re right man it’s just weird to actually live through it I guess.

  • Snkr Clbrty

    These look really good

  • C Brown

    Trust me down the line they will be dumb cheap again…the problem with Nike is they mass produce…”sneaker heads” account for less then 1% of the sneaker buying population….so guess what’s happen when several full size runs of these end up in a mall in Topeka Kansas??? They sit like bricks and end up RTV right back to Nike…