Umbro Bumpy Dad Shoe Is Really A Thing

Umbro Bumpy dad shoe is really a thing…

umbro bumpy dad shoe

And it feels like brands are just getting started.

Over the weekend a new dad shoe made its debut, but not from any of the usual suspects. Umbro debuted its new Bumpy dad shoe. I know this shoe caught everyone off guard.

This trend felt like it started off as a joke, but people are really out here wearing these shoes. As for the Umbro Bumpy, it was recently released exclusively in South Korea on March 9.

The shoe sold out in a few days and now the model is making its way around the Internet. IG user myunghwan2 flexed his pair on the gram, so expect to see more flexing soon.

As of right now, the Bumpy remains a South Korea exclusive with no word on additional launches in other countries. As always, only time will tell.

Where does this model rank on the growing list of dad sneakers?

Umbro Bumpy Dad Shoe

umbro bumpy dad shoe

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  • DJR

    Nike owns Umbro so I guess this makes sense. I literally can’t rank any of these sneakers because 95% of them are trash.

  • Lol I feel you on that. I think the Puma one is the best so far.

  • DJR

    I guess but if I have a choice between those and countless other sneakers like AM1’s, any Jordan, etc.. I’m taking any of my other choices.

  • Han Lee

    If clunky shoes are a thing now that means i wont look out of place with my griffeys and diamond turf IIs

  • Ator

    I think Brand Black’s “Aura” sneaker might be my favorite so far.

  • Executive Bates

    Hot dookie like the rest of them.

  • sirfresh

    If they price it right it will be a hit

  • theloverswineverytime

    Pretty dope to me.

  • javi

    So now you want a dozen pairs right???

  • Nate oNe

    Im ? at this goofy trend. Bunch of Goofy’s.

  • Villano VEVO

    How is it that people like this shit but sleep on ewings…. smh