UNC Air Jordan 11 Low Available


Heads up!

The UNC Air Jordan 11 Low made its return this past Saturday, April 15.

For some odd reason, adult and grade school sizes are still available on Nike.com.

Hit the links below if you need a pair.


Grade Schoolbit.ly/2p9Xv3a

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  • Executive MurderedoutF12

    These are clean but I don’t mess with lows.

  • It’s just crazy to see these are still available. Def thought they were going to sell out.

  • Han Lee

    Only low 11s i mess with are the concords

  • Executive MurderedoutF12

    It is crazy, it’s like once it catches fire on YouTube we expect it to sell instantly. I would cop if the ended up on the sales rack.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    The first AJ 11, mid or low, that i actually passed on since the last time this colorway released…2001-ish…

  • Nate oNe

    F**k them lows! Lows are for hoes!

  • javi

    Riiiiiight..with your thirst you really expect us to believe that lol. Nice try but thank for that laugh lol

  • curt diggler

    folks are finally shopping with their eyes….jordan name and nostalgia dont hold the same weight today

  • lol

  • That’s fair

  • So true!

  • People looking for other people to tell them what to buy.

  • Executive MurderedoutF12

    True as shit! Its so blatant.