The Undefeated Air Jordan 4 Value Is Alive and Well

undefeated air jordan 4 iv

The Undefeated Air Jordan 4 hype is still holy grail level.

You are so wrong if you thought people were not serious about spending big bucks on the UNDFTD 4s. For years we’ve all seen prices go up, but who’s actually breaking that type of bread?!

Yesterday New York based sneaker consignment shop Stadium Goods posted proof that people are still super thirst for ultra limited edition kicks. The receipt shows a purchase of $18,5000 for the James Bond and Eddie Cruz 4s. Oh boy!

Would you… nvm.

stadium goods ny

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  • What’s sad is it’s very likely the type of person who bought these is the kind of person to floss on you every chance they get about how much they spent to get them.

    Met too many people like this in NYC. Then there was the chick who I freelanced with who’s BF dropped like over a G on the Red October’s and she wouldn’t stop mentioning it to me because someone, not me, told her I was a sneakerhead.

  • Executive One:1

    Burst his muscle tissue laser pistol scarecrow voltron.

  • Executive One:1

    Me personally wouldn’t spend that on a shoe.

  • russellerving

    I would not spend that much for a sneaker.

  • Aaron Hall

    I hope the paint in them joints crack

  • LeBron Champ, Steph Choke

    “And a middle finger goes to all you punk MC’s…”

  • aSh


  • LeBron Champ, Steph Choke

    For me, it IS the dopest AJ 4 colorway ever. But it aint muthaphuckin “15-thow” dope.

  • javi

    Sounding pretty tuff over the net.

  • javi

    With your sneaker thirst….you’d give up an arm and leg for these phaggot?

  • Ray.

    Nah man, the Eminem joints are CRAZY to me!!

  • Ray.

    Don’t hate..

  • Ray.

    I could have a Billion and still be like:
    “EIGHTEEN THOUSAND?!?!…Fuck outta here..”

  • DJR

    What if JB releases these again but with slight variations? I feel like no sneaker is safe so to spend that was crazy but who I am to say how someone else should or shouldn’t spend their money.

  • LeBron Champ, Steph Choke

    Smh. Obsessed with another worse than a woman. Good thing i got this one faggot nigga blocked though. Can’t see a thing lol.

  • LOL!

  • I feel you on that. No shoe is safe these days and it’s your money so do you baby blue. If you wanna drop $18k on kicks, do it.

  • Yikes! That’s so high school tho. lol. I guess some people never grow up or depend on material things to validate them.

  • Definitely pretty HS my dude. It’s a shame though that the pursuit of many kicks today is so intrinsically tied to hype and/or self validation. Sure, we had peer pressure growing up but nothing like what it is today. Add an untamed ego to this and yeah, here we are…sigh

  • Executive One:1

    The fact that some throw away hundreds and thousands just for imaginary validation is crazy, it seems so much more obvious in these last few years.

  • lol, what are the chances that someone who works at the store completed the “purchase” and immediately voided the transaction or returned everything?

  • Thad Greer

    This can’t be life.

  • Thad Greer

    You hit the nail on the head. We’re the last of a dying breed, man.

  • I think so man. I understand each generation has their WTF moments and behavior but I’m seeing some shit go down these days that just baffles the mind. Maybe it always was like this and we just weren’t aware of how systemic things were until the popularity of “sharing” or maybe I’m just getting old lol. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.