UNDS: A Review Of The Supreme Nike Air Foamposite

Full breakdown of the Supreme Foams.

UNDS, a column where your questions about sneakers are answered. Nowadays you don’t have enough time to try on a sneaker in the store to make the decision to cop or not so we decided you needed our help. Not sure whether to go up a size or down? Questioning materials? Curious how the sneaker looks on feet? We got you covered!

Supreme Nike Air Foamposite One review by Chris P. (@crpurz)
Style Code: 652792-001
Release Date: 4/3/13
Price: $250 each
Only releasing at Supreme NYC, LA, London, Japan, and Online.

UNDS Supreme Nike Foamposite Review1

Quality: Foamposites are indestructable.  The print on the upper is definitely Versace inspired.  It puts the galaxy print to shame.  The color on the print pops and the details on the print are very nice.  The clear sole with the white “carbon fiber” is especially smooth.

UNDS Supreme Nike Foamposite Review4

Fit: The shoe fits nice and snug if you stay true to your normal size.  As you wear the shoe, over time the foamposite will warm up and form to your foot. I personally go up a half size in most my foamposites. I think if you plan on balling in them stay true and they will fit better. If you planning on rocking casually go up a half.

UNDS Supreme Nike Foamposite Review5

Favorite feature: I have many here, but what takes the cake is the white carbon fiber plate. A close second is the graphic print. It is flashy, classy and covers the sneaker well. The other details like the Supreme logo on the tongue, the clear sole, the “Supreme x Nike” on the insole, and the Supreme written on the golden swirl print are pretty fresh too. The whole sneaker is fly!

UNDS Supreme Nike Foamposite Review

Final Thoughts: The shoe is amazing… period.  Take the hype away, the fact it’s a crazy collab on a crazy shoe, and what are you left with?  A dope, well built, well designed classic Nike foamposite.  On a side note, I really am happy where the foams are going. I thought we might have lost this shoe to horrible designs, but this along with Yeezy and Shooting Star colorways have re-sparked my love for the shoe!

Rating: 10+

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to comment below.

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  • 23edge

    seriously, who gives a f. anymore about hypebeast reviews? I thought it would be cool to do reviews on all sneakers, but now all I see is sh.t that only a little wanye/drake fan would think is cool

  • ^what would you like to see a review on? a sneaker you can find at footlocker & try on for yourself? lol just curious.

  • Eric

    Good Argument Ray P

  • 23edge

    @Ray P. I’m gonna keep my response calm and say yes. Hyping sneakers that are over-priced and hard to get is what’s wrong with the sneaker game. Since when is a review for a sneaker that is obtainable a bad thing? You laughing at footlocker releases makes me think you have no time for general releases. Me, I rather read about sneakers that I’m able to buy than over hyped overpriced limited sneakers.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    These get a 10+ just because they’re hyped up and it’s gonna be the next go to shoe, I’d take a pair of pewters over these any day.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    I agree with 23edge, someone would have a better chance at getting struck by lightning 38 times than getting these kicks.

  • Biga173rd

    lol Good point

  • Nice, yeah it was a simple question inquiring about what you like. I been into kicks too long to care about general vs limited lol, my preference in sneakers are Co.Jp Nike Dunks from 1999 – 2004 along with 90s Nike Bball, and Runners at Outlets since I’m 25 and value comfort more now.

    I think it’s pretty cool Chris reviews highly sought after kicks, would suck to spend 200+ and not be happy with the shoe bc you can’t get a thorough look.

    I definitely appreciate everyone’s comments bc it helps me provide you guys with that you want to check out!

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    ^how about some P.A.W.G. Reviews, lol?!

  • c brown

    @23edge…the problem with your comments is once you start a review or spot light of a shoe…it will become what you are calling a hypebeast shoe….Look at the Adidas ZX Flux…I mean cmon on what the hell happened there??? Sneaker is okay at best…but you cant open Complex or SN without an article on it…guess what..insta-sellout…Now if Adidas had just dropped it..them damn things would still be sitting…The same argument can be made about Roshe…Dudes was killing each other in the street for Sirens…Nike re-released a year and half later..they still sitting in my footlocker..I guess my point is that fresh is fresh regardless of who puts momenteum behind it…These Foams are fresh…Should it matter that they are Supreme??

  • 4DRUMZ

    I think the print on this shoe looks like the inside of a poorly lit Italian eatery! I’m not saying that’s a bad thing… but maybe not a good thing to be wearing!?!? I just can’t get down with this print at all!

  • 4DRUMZ

    I agree with the reviewer on the white/black CF… that really PoPs!

  • Sek

    $250 plus tax and the fact that the average person who would like them can’t get them due to a bunch of people lining up with no jobs is a headache smh. I personally think this colorway is dope but not worth $250 just my 2 cents plus I don’t have the time to stand in line for 48hrs.

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    They’re dope but time is more valuable then camping out for them.

  • rico strong

    hey how do i get a an icon when i comment? i wanna be cool too

  • omar najeeb

    I like foams. Its just that 8 of the last 10 foam releases have beem sumn I kno I’m.not touchin with a 50-foot pole. The safaris? Needed…and grabbed those. Everything else has been garbage. But these are dope. Of course these are ltd like a b!+¢# which make im-damn-possible to get. So nerr-mind…

  • omar najeeb

    @ 23…I hear u hoss. Not knockin mr. Ray or callin him a hypebeast either. But if you’re into shoes already, legitimately a true fan, u don’t need to get info on how foams fit or aj 3’s. Only beasters that know next to nothing about the shoe need to ask about the fit of a foam of aj retro. And them type dudes should get no love since they’re only on the bandwagon just ‘cus.

  • LOL @ all the ppl that show up to a shoe release to be a spectator with no intention of buying any shoes. the just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. lmfao I want to start contributing to Sneaker Store Confessions. the game is just getting more chaotically hilarious every year.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    @omar najeeb, I always laugh at the ” how do they fit” question.

  • oldschoolrulz

    yes if is not a classic looking shoe or doesn’t have any significance I’m really not into it myself. all this print stuff is way out of hand it kinda devalues the significance or history if you asked me but to each is their own.

  • Jeremy W

    What’s the inline release time for these on Supreme’s website?

  • @apexglove

    Hey how do you order shoes from this site?

  • i wonder what would happen if they massed produced this shoe