Vachetta Tan Nike Air Foamposite Pro Will Release Next Month


Nike Sportswear cooked up several Foamposites for the 20th Anniversary. Several of your favorite Foamposite One colors have already been confirmed.

As for the Foamposite Pro, a Vachetta Tan colorway will release with premium materials. This one is for Foam heads who also like high end quality. The best of both worlds, word to Jay Z & R.Kelly.

This Foamposite Pro was made with All Star Weekend in mind. That said, look for this premium Foam Pro to release next month.

What’s your Real Talk First Thoughts?

Vachetta Tan Nike Air Foamposite Pro

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  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Absolute trash.

  • 804east

    Luxury foams is literally the dumbest concept ever. I thought the best selling point of foams was to be a super low maintenance shoe that you could pretty much wipe and go til the bottoms fall off.

  • Cinematic Taylor

    Just keep beating the dead horse why dont you AKA FOAM PROS LOL SMH

  • javi

    Your still gonna cop them anyways with that thirst you got????

  • Executive aka Dark Wolf

    Lmfao! Hell naw!

  • James L

    Cosign with the other comments, not feeling these at all. Foams already generally have a high price, wonder how crazy they’re going to go with these.

  • Heezyholly

    I actually like these but that price though uhhhhhhh sus

  • 804east

    they should do the divine 9 as foams that might be fire lol