Vachetta Tan Nike Air Force 1 Low Just Dropped


Nike just released a new Vachetta Tan Air Force 1 Low. I haven’t copped a pair of AF1s in a good minute, but this is tempting because this pair is too clean.

Summertime freshness at its finest.

Grab a pair by clicking here.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Another comment…

  • Ray.

    These look classic..

  • These are too clean!

  • I agree.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Forces are played-out, dawgie….
    ? Sike, SIIIKE…im messin. They dope though. $130 though, huh.

  • javi

    $130 is peanuts to someone like you with that crazy sneaker thirst lol