Vans Mix Checker Pack

Checker Crazy.

Like most fans of Vans, I’m a sucker for Checker pattern.

It’s something so classic about seeing checkerboard print on certain Vans models. One of my Top 5 2017 releases was the Checkerboard Anaheim Vans Old Skool. Soooo good!

The year is just getting started and Vans already dropped some fire. According to Vans, this set is known as the Mix Checker Pack which features an Old Skool, Sk8 Hi, Authentic, and Slip On.

A few models from the pack have already dropped and are currently available by clicking here.

As always, you gotta love Vans for its affordable price points.

Mix Checker Vans Pack

Photo: thechimpstore

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Skools, fools!! ?

  • javi

    Hype! Here’s some water for your thirst??

  • I NEED those sk8 hi’s. Haven’t said that about a shoe in a minute either