Vans and Urban Outfitters Dropped A Fire Collection for Women


More Fire.

It’s obvious that ladies don’t get the love they deserve in this male dominated sneaker world. But that’s not to say they don’t get any love, but the more, the better!

When my fire radar goes off, it’s usually on point. Take this Urban Outfitters x Vans collection for example. It’s fire! The collection embodies everything Vans is known for, and the clean designs are right on time.

I’m sure ladies reading this can agree, even if they don’t like the entire collection. Ladies, just don’t tell me you’re not feeling anything in this collection. Don’t! *Bryson Tiller voice*

The entire collection can be viewed and purchased by clicking here.

If you can pull those Checkerboard biker shorts off with the cropped hoodie, go for it! It’s the season.

Vans Urban Outfitters Women’s Collection










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  • Big fan of this collection. I love the old school Off The Wall logo. I need a red, grey, and black men’s hoodie with OG branding.

    Def feeling the pairing of the red cropped hoodie and biker shorts. A lady would def catch my eye in that fit.

  • Arely Grace

    YES! vans x OU for the win. Let’s get into these half cabs!! I love how continues to evolve without losing its originality. As I kid, I remember wearing those longer spandex shorts… glad to see them back at it!

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    ? Whoooaah!! Chic lookin’ like she’s….uuuuhhh….”diggin herself” in the top/headline pic.

  • javi

    Stop pretending you like that. We know you prefer that D?