Vans Vault Peacoat Chukka – Fall/Winter 2009 Releases

Vans Vault Peacoat Chukka

Vans Vault Peacoat Chukka

This is one of the main reasons I love Vans, especially Vans Vault. They release some of the most simple, crazy, colorful, and unique sneakers we’ve ever seen. Peacoat Chukka’s? Come on, how much simplicity do you want? The Chukka’s drop this Fall/Winter, so Vans faithful followers will be very spiffy in these kicks with their matching peacoat’s. Props to Marcus Troy for giving us the first look, and stay tuned for updates throughout the year. via Hypebeast

Vans Vault Peacoat Chukka

Vans Vault Peacoat Chukka

Vans Vault Peacoat Chukka

Vans Vault Peacoat Chukka

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  • StreetRula

    not a fan of chukkas- but first comment

  • I’m def on it when these drop.

  • BGneezy

    love this concept…. will cop!

  • LMC

    Really like ’em

  • Sweet T

    The grey joints are lovely.

  • Those will be mine without a doubt…….

  • xxcoreyxx

    Vans! Protect ya neck cuz I heard
    nike comin afta ya! jk
    Some pastel color laces and a Polo

  • jim halpert

    Seriously wow
    These are amazing
    Prolly my first pair of chukkas

  • de la SOLE

    These go hard… definite purchase when they release

  • FlyySkyy

    hopefully… by the time these drop ya boy gotta job and can jus cop em. they seem like a nice lil pick up. hopefully not too expensive and not too hard to obtain (Wish n ATL plz)

  • pootisha

    these shoes are sooo sexayy!!!! =)
    we are gonna get them first beezies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we are gonna sport them better then anyone
    else in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    these are specially made for US!
    and us only.
    no one else.
    ya feel me?
    HA HA HA!

  • Steve

    Were can i buy VANS VAULT shoes