Velvet Rihanna Puma Creepers Are Releasing Next Month

Rihanna Puma Fenty Creeper Velvet Pack

Rihanna and Puma killed 2016 with several dope releases that had women (and men) going crazy for the latest drops from the Fenty Collection.

Puma and Ri Ri are not done yet! Next month four colors of Rihanna’s Velvet Puma Creepers are releasing at select Puma accounts.

Here’s a preview of two colors that will drop next month. Take a closer look at the Royal Purple and Glacier Grey Puma Creeper colorways below.

You can purchase this collection on December 8 at

Images: Ray P of NiceKicks

Velvet Rihanna Puma Creepers

Rihanna Puma Fenty Creeper Velvet Pack

Rihanna Puma Fenty Creeper Velvet Pack

Rihanna Puma Fenty Creeper Velvet Pack

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