Wale Pulled Out A Pair of Vintage… Yeezys?


Wale wearing throwback Yeezys…

Kinda. At this point, any official Kanye West sneaker collaboration is considered to be a Yeezy.

Whether it is Kanye’s early Nike promo stuff, Bape, Louis Vuittion, Air Yeezy or Yeezy Boost – it’s still a Yeezy in the eyes of a hypebeast.

It’s not Thursday yet, but we can still reminisce for a minute. Those who have been reading TSG for years – remember when Wale used to be featured on this site every week. If it wasn’t an exclusive interview (watch below), him debuting a shoe or finally finding his holy grail – Wale used to live on TSG.

I feel like people were way more interested in his shoe game before Instagram. He still gets busy with his kicks, but so do a million other cats on IG.

That said, young Folarin had to let people know he’s still here with the Kanye Bapes.


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  • Ray.

    Young Folarin, young Folarin..
    Once loved by the sneaker community…
    now hated with a passion for doing the same things he’s been doing..
    (and i still dont understand why)

  • yes wale has been all over the tsg. ive been around for a long time.

  • Executive aka Gorgeous

    I can’t kill nobody to no damn wale.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Oh yeah? I never caught on to any of the hate when it comes this guy. Only thing i never cared for about him is that he seems to have a problem with wearing joints that sat on shelves that no one else was checking for. Like, its always the hyped shit that everybody was just tryna get a month ago or sum’n.

  • javi

    That’s because he probably does not pay resell like you?

  • James L

    Remember back in like ’08 or so either TSG and/or nice kicks had a post about his song KICKS.. Loved that song, so I went over to YouTube and heard more of his stuff. Was hooked. His shoe game has been on point with the sb’s and OG 90’s nikes.