Wale Trying To Keep The Foamposite Hype Alive With These Supreme’s

wale-wearing-red-foamposite-supremeKeep foams alive!

When it comes to the Foamposite game, it’s safe to say Wale is knee deep in it. So it’s not a surprise that he would already have a pair of Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One.

He was recently out and about rockin’ the “Red” version. Let us know if you’re planning on coppin’ the Foamposite release of the year. Stick with TSG for the release date and retail price.

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  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Still a super gigantic hell naw! I would say dope if Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish or Flesh rocked em, lol.

  • no knock on wale, but i cannot wear foams that often. just not built for steady wear

  • omar najeeb

    Ugly as all-hell, to.me. I do like the black joints tho.

  • omar najeeb

    @ Ray P….Say that, baw! With err pair of foams I have, I gotta remove from my feet soon as I get back in the crib. And that’s after sometimes having to go .5 sz up.from normal.

  • aSh

    @omar Orayp really? Foams are one of the only bball kicks I can wear all day… ((Yeezy shrug))

  • MikeyDrums86

    @omar najeeb.. wit ya bruh feelin the blacks way more

    @aSh.. agreed i can wear those mofos all damn day n im G

  • Not Omar najeeb

    Y’all still ain’t found a life?

  • omar najeeb

    “I also d-ride another man’s name cus i hate my life & was gonna end it til I decided to troll around the site again. I feel a little better for now until tmrrw when I’ll need to do this again.”

    Phuh…kin phagots!

  • Mater

    Nah ya niqqas wildin these over the black ones

  • Mids

    Yeah every one knows the red joints fugly nice try wale

  • dubgotdat

    i want em. iont care bout da blk ones tho

  • omar najeeb

    That fit that the bo’ is rockin is waaayy too busy, espescially for those kix.

  • boyd

    I actually like the red ones more than the black ones

  • shoe guy


  • mask

    I dont think he is trying to keep the hype alive. i just think he is a DMV representative and he just likes foams regardless if they are hyped or not. Did you not read his recent interview on here?

  • omar najeeb

    ^^ Word. I agree with that. These ones aren’t flattering tho.

  • comari palmer

    What kind of jeans are those