Watch Lauren London Go Sneaker Shopping At Flight Club

New New.

Remember when we all had a crush on Lauren London?

Of course you do. Don’t be in denial and don’t be the guy to say, “I never thought she was that cute.” Stop it. Tell those lies to someone else because you need more people.

Truth is, you might not be checking for her nowadays, but you once were. I believe we all have to thank Pharrell for his “Frontin” video. That’s where it all started.

But enough about the past. New New joined Joe La Puma for an episode of Sneaker Shopping at the world’s most known and trusted sneaker consignment shop, Flight Club.

Watch the video below to hear Lauren drop her knowledge and to see what she adds to her collection.

Lauren London Go Sneaker Shopping At Flight Club

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  • sharpie

    She fell off my radar once she had a baby for that gremlin lil wayne. However, we at least know where she got her sneaker money from.

  • kaydot901

    Bad Ting,Still.

  • sad but true sir.