Watch Ronnie Fieg Unbox and Detail the Kith Nike Air Maestro 2

Dope unboxing and shoe breakdown.

The man himself Ronnie Fieg posted what I believe is his first unboxing video.

He’s on one right now as the anticipation for the Kith Nike Air Maestro 2 continues to build. I can’t blame him, I know he’s been wanting to collaborate with Nike for years. I remember asking him during his back-to-back Asics collab days when he was going to collab with Nike.

I could tell by his response back then that he would work with Nike when the timing was right.

Well that time has finally come with the reworked Kith Air Maestro 2. However, don’t listen to a guy who had zero involvement with the collaboration – get the scoop from the guy who designed the shoes.

It’s a short watch, so check out the video below.

Which color do you prefer – Red or Purple?

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  • Ron Simms

    curious about the leopard ones tho

  • theloverswineverytime

    So we’re gonna be held hostage by constant “news” about these impending releases too, huh.

  • javi

    No one is making you click on these post hype. Blame it on your thirst?

  • Dil 2 Da Doe

    Atmos knockoffs

  • Executive 777

    I want to those black and red(if that’s the color) Pippen 1!!!

  • DJR

    For this particular model give me the purps G. I’m hoping Nike retros the original red colorway which I’d prefer.

  • Same. Is that pair F&F only?

  • Not a shoe for me personally but they go hella hard! The leopard pair could make me change my position quick but then I’ll ask “But…but…when you going to wear them Sway?” Then I’ll end up passing.