What’s the Best Doernbecher Jordan To Date?

Best DB Jordan in your opinion?

Jordan Brand entered the Nike x Doernbecher program in 2007 with the Air Jordan 2.

Since the Doernbecher Jordan debut, people look forward to seeing the next DB Jordan every year. However, people are not always a fan of the design immediately. For example, I remember the Air Jordan 6 slander, and now people say the DB 6 is the strongest one in the collection.

The same thing can also be said about the DB Jordan 4. Of course it comes down to person preference, but I think this is a conversation worth having.

What’s your favorite DB Jordan? Do you regret passing on a pair?

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Best Doernbecher Air Jordan

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  • aSh

    To me the III is still my fav.. Regret not trying 🙁 both times lol

  • theloverswineverytime


  • Smallzgotkickz

    The 1s are my favorite

  • javi

    Relax hypebeast u get to emotional over shoes?

  • Nate oNe

    6 for sure murder scene

  • Silencio!

    6 or the 9.. More towards the 6 since i dont care for white shoes.

  • Ray.

    The 1s by far!
    with the 8s and 9s coming in a distant “second” lol..

  • Heezyholly


  • DJR

    3s and I ended copping a DS pair of the 2010 release for $250 off Sole Collector back in day. I was nervous they’d be fake but it was all good. I rarely wore them so I ended up selling them a couple years back for a decent price. I don’t really regret it but they are definitely a dope sneaker just a little loud especially as I get older.

  • The VI’s are the only good ones. III’s and IX’s are ok.

  • The 8’s by such a long shot in my book of books. Nike used a similar theme for the Crenshaw BLVD “lowrider” huaraches last year, (the blue pair) and killed it on those. You know when you hear “Murderation” in a hot tune? That’s the 8’s bruh…8’s all day