What’s Your Latest Sneaker Pick Up?

New, old, used. It doesn’t matter.

One thing we all have in common is that we like/love sneakers.

That means it’s normal for us to spend our money on kicks every now and then. Whether you’re always chasing new releases or older drops or hunting for deals, we all break bread for sneakers.

I asked this same question via @TheShoeGame’s social channels, so it was only right that we have this convo on the blog. So, what’s your latest sneaker pick up(s)?

Drop a comment and join the conversation.

Photo: sk8thegr8

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  • After patiently waiting for them to go on sale, I just copped the Sail Air Jordan 1 High. Def one of the most slept on drops this year. It’s a super clean colorway with great materials. I’m glad there was zero hype. I was stalking prices, but didn’t want to miss out so I grabbed a pair from Flight Club for $130. I saved $30. Ha! Every now and then you can actually grab a deal on FC.

    Oh yeah, I also got a pair of NikeLab Volt Talarias from the outlet. $50!

  • theloverswineverytime

    A’ight, i aint gonna count the 11s that just dropped….
    So before those, i grabbed the Mulder sb dunk hi from nike factory store; and just before thems, i grabbed the Patta x Puma Clyde on clearance from END.

  • curt diggler

    Aw run white/blue on disco for $125. End x Adidas zx veggie tan boat joints for $70.

  • theloverswineverytime

    What’s “Aw”?

  • Dolla_DP

    So after thinking I missed out on the extra butter X GFK Asics show , I gets a email with a surprise drop on the frenzy app …easy rebound cop , Also had to finish out to Adidas EQT king push collection off with the brown paper bag’s for the win …All retail

  • I grabbed the Jordan 10 Londons from the city pack. Got them for $140 shipped brand new. I had been looking on eBay but couldn’t find nothing under $250. Check some consignment shops and found a steal.

  • Alexander Wang.

  • kaydot901

    Black/white Air Cruz TR,Been a fan of the shoe & ran across em for $50 & A Nike Tech Fleece for $50.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol. Well, of course shoulda known. Thanx, G ?

  • DJR

    Yesterday the red Kith Maestros for $128 shipped. Didn’t want to but for that price I couldn’t pass up. Still waiting on the purple ones to get lower. Today the Concepts NB, tomorrow the Nikecourt Zoom Vapors (hopefully). I’ll stop now because I went crazy this week and if I win some of these Off-White or Yeezy raffles it’ll be a crazy week of spending.

  • Flight Club? I def thought about pulling the trigger on the red pair. The purple is clean too. Lol! I see you went off this week.

  • Can’t beat that price

  • Gotta love it. Patience is key.

  • Ha! Looks like you’re having a great week.

  • Those 11s def count tho. A nice mix of pick ups.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Hey, where’d you grab the End x Adi joints from?
    Oh, and how do they run size-wize? I seen em on Sneaker Politics but they dont do returns & i rather not even mess with stores that won’t accept returns.

  • javi

    Stop it hype u know you grabbed more than that. With your thirst that’s hard to believe ?

  • curt diggler

    i believe i got them at end or sneakersnstuff, iirc. when i get home i’ll check. i’d say tts. i went by the eu size.

  • theloverswineverytime

    My man ?

  • Trickx

    I picked up the Jordan 4 Motorsport (in both colorways) for like $133 each, and the SNS Iversons for $80, $10 on shipping for all. I have been off buying for retail on so many releases for a while. I feel most shoes are sitting and you can catch almost anything on sale if you just check around.

  • DJR

    StockX, you ain’t lying about Flight Club I use to get steals from them back in the day despite what people may think.

  • javi


  • OGedge

    All black Vans/North Face highs… I was surprised they sold-out, but I guess the cold is an incentive.. Winter is coming

  • El Fenomeno

    i got lucky with the draw on endclothing for the tan human races. only to resale

  • Creep

    I picked up the Brown BAG pusha T’s. Wool 3’s (waited for that price to drop picked up a ds pair for$115.00). But the biggest surprise were the Project Rock UA Trainers. They got me looking at a pair of Currys. I wonder if they feel that good.

  • Adidas NMD “colorstatic” – probably one of the sicker knit NMD offerings for 2017 that started off with a lot of hype cause they’re dope and rolled out to only SVD and a few others first but by the time all other shops had their drop, you were able to find them easily and maybe still can. I had to cancel an “extra” order. Big up Foot District for being cool about it.

    Adidas NMD “Human Race” Sun Glow and Pale Nude – They’re at StockX being verified. I don’t do resale normally and someone will almost certainly playfully or otherwise remind me of this, prices have already dropped by $100, so that’s an egg on me and my lack of patience on both but I figured if you’re going to fully retire? Go out bigger than big and get what you want.

    I said the Colorstatic, HU NMD’s, Off White AF1 and Presto would be my last kicks before I finally gave the picking up aspect of this game a major break and that’s exactly what I’ve done, even if two came at resale. Going to try and go all of 2018, maybe even 19 without picking up a single new kick. Everything I have should be undeadstocked by then.

  • Come on Javi…tell what you picked up bruh.

  • Yes G im glad there was no hype. i got them at release and actually just got another pair last month

  • russellerving

    Great conversation topic, by the way. My last cop was the all black Air Force 1 Duckboot with the gum bottom and bred air max 1s.

  • russellerving

    Word! Commitment and application is all it takes.

  • Jay

    Last three

    1. Jordan 6 flight jacket
    2. Ghostface x extra butter Asics gel lyte MT
    3. 2008 Adidas pro model tuff gong Bob Marley (second pair)


    Air Force 1 ’07 PRM in Violet Dust For 50$ yesterday

  • Executive 777

    Yeezy 350 Oreo and that was in February. So good to be disconnected with the shoe world.

  • mystic_wvy

    Stumbled across some Nike x Bodega “Night Cat” ‘Scapes about a week or two ago…decided to hold off for a bit and they ended up still being available this week soooooooo I bought’em, lol. Anticlamitcal story??? Yes! But that happens to be my most recent find…300 bones for a ds pair, seemingly a good bargain given the fact that well worn pairs typically sell for around that price.

  • Sleepy

    Last pair Royal blue 5s……next pair blk gold 11s next week can’t wait?

  • Boogaloo Jones

    All black supreme humara :0) glad that model got a revival