What’s the Shoe Of The Year?

Let’s discuss.

This is always the best end of the year debate, and it’s November so let’s converse.

Footwear News awarded Virgil Abloh’s Off White Air Jordan 1 with Shoe Of The Year. I disagree, but maybe you agree… or maybe you think that’s total BS.

Some people have been going hard for the VaporMax all year, even calling the new model the shoe of the year. Although I disagree once again, I can understand this selection more than the Off White Jordan 1.

How do you feel? Is the VaporMax the shoe of the year?

Take a minute to reflect on all the good and bad releases of 2017. When you’re done you might have several legit shoes that can qualify for this prestigious title.

Please share your thoughts in the comments with your nominee for shoe of year. We still have a little time left in 2017, so maybe the best shoe of 2017 hasn’t even dropped yet.

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Best Shoe of 2017?

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  • This is a really good question. It’s tough. I didn’t subscribe to the VaporMax hype. I tried a pair on and walked around the store for 15 mins waiting to see the light. It never happened. I was waiting to see what everyone was so excited about. I left the store disappointed. Maybe I tried on a bad pair, but I def wasn’t impressed. I heard people make up all types of excuses for the shoe. At best, it’s just ok and nowhere near as comfortable as I thought it would be.

    The Off-White Jordan 1 was def a creative touch to an already classic model. Personally the Jordan 1 wasn’t my favorite from the collection, I like the Presto the most. That’s def the shoe I would actually wear. So if we’re talking the most hyped shoe of 2017, I can see why FN gave the award to Virgil.

    But what’s the shoe of the year tho? Personally, I think I’ve enjoyed the EQT Support 93/17 the most this year. Comfort is ridiculous! But I understand if most don’t agree because it had heavy interest in the beginning and then it declined quickly. But again, I’m speaking from my personal experience with that shoe. I really like the John Elliott Vandals as everyone should know by now, but it’s def one of the best of 2017.

    Looking forward to reading more opinions on this topic.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Prolly either the vans anahiem blk-checkered old skools & the charlie Brown old skools. Gold max 97 (the real ones, not that “ultra” BS) up there too.

  • javi

    Stop it hype. You know u can’t pick one cuz every release is the best in your eyes??

  • OGedge

    I’ll go with Reese Forbes highs

  • curt diggler


  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol. I was thinkin’ of those but couldnt remember if those dropped this yr or late ’16

  • Jay

    After dissing celebrity sneakers co signs a week ago, I have to go with the Extra Butter x Ghostface Killah x AsicsTiger Gel Lyte MT “Pretty Toney for my sneaker of the year.

  • Han Lee

    Lol…i hope ur not serious..lol

  • That first paragraph though…you’re like my twin for 5 seconds. That was my EXACT experience, even down to the excuses multiple people were trying to make for the shoe. Then I had a chance to wear the Off-White Vapormax for around 2 weeks and I don’t know if they filled or treated the actual unit any differently than a GR VP but I got a truer and better understanding of what some of the hype was.

    I still think the shoe is overhyped imho.

  • Alexander Wang X Adidas Run in white. Everything about it from design to comfort to me is easily A1. Ended up with every color and doubling up on the white, breaking my new rule of no more “1 to rock, 1 to stock”. That’s strictly enforced now but I would break it again for this shoe.

  • javi


  • I actually don’t mind the Footwear News award to Off White. I’ve never owned or been interested in owning a pair of AJ 1’s before Off White’s take on them. The quoted “AIR”, floppy ears with “85” on the inside, strip tag, multiple laces with “shoelaces”, material selection, tongue treatment…I mean excuse my ignorance if it is but I have never personally seen an AJ 1 treated like this. Ever.

    I tried after getting my pair to look at other AJ 1’s both hyped and non hyped and they just don’t carry the same feeling for me. So he took a classic/historic model and spun it in a way that most fans of the model, those new to it or like me willing to finally give the AJ 1 a shot could get really excited about.

    That’s a lot for a shoe to do but Off White did it I feel. He’s done more than just that as well. Nike needed a huge win in 2017, not that they’re not constantly winning but one on the street/sneaker culture level that felt genuine. This was a large part of that win.

    Did other potential candidates for DOTY move the needle that much for overall brand visibility and appeal?

  • theloverswineverytime

    ?He’s DEAD serious.

    ? Juuuust kiddiiiing. Yo, Diggs what up baby. All love, all love?

  • OGedge

    Yeah I had to think about it as well, since I really don’t buy retail too often.

  • MelloYelloMD

    My personal favorites have been the AM90 Flyknit 2.0 and Van x Peanuts collecitons

  • Edd

    It released last week in Europe (not yet in the U.S.) : Air Jordan 6 wheat/Golden Harvest… Perfection !!

  • theloverswineverytime

    Oooohh, sooooo….you grabbed those for less than retail, hmmmm? Where at ?

  • mystic_wvy

    The Adidas EQT Cushion is my personal favorite in terms of newly introduced aesthetics for the year…the North American and the upcoming Triple Black colorways in particular.

    I also believe that the Air Max 1 deserves some praise in regards to the reintroduced shape…twas’ a blessing.
    *BUTTTT, In addition to that, the return of the Jeweled Swoosh this year was completely underwhelming. If it had been done correctly, especially for the AF 1s, I for one would have definitely argued them to be amongst the best releases of the year.

    The Nike Zoom Fly SPs are pretty diggable…I own the Taupe cw and they’re quite comftorable.

    The New Balance x GUAPSKE 998 “Autumn” was….perfect, lol. Realllly wish I had’emm.

  • I gotta say the Air Force One. It came back with a vengeance this year and I have seen way more forces in the past few months than I have seen in years.

  • sirfresh

    That’s a fact

  • javi


  • El Fenomeno

    air max 1 revival (of the shape). i gotta say the vapormax just for them trying to make the shit was wild, i agree the comfort level not there yet, but if we thinking just design wise and it being a new silhouette. we stay picking old shit (IE. Jordan 1, even though i love it)

  • curt diggler

    Cosign Wang run and I dig the fuzzy suede gold footscapes

  • Viktor Von Doom

    The air max 1, especially the red and black ruby’s retro’s. The return of the shape and total look of the shoe. Didn’t feel the vapors but looking to try on the new air max 270 for next year

  • Funny enough I got those suede gold Footscapes soon as they dropped even though I knew they would most likely hit clearance.

  • DJR

    I feel like I didn’t buy many sneakers this year that actually released this year (the year ain’t over yet). I’m gonna go with the Atmos Jordan 3. People are sleeping on these but I love them.

  • Sleepy