What’s Your Top 5 Nike SB Dunks?


If things go as planned Nike SB might be a thing again. To be fair, Nike SB is still around, but we know and they know that Nike SB is not what it used to be.

Nike SB was the gateway that introduced A LOT of people to the shoe game back in 2003-2007. Maybe a little earlier for those who were really up on game, and maybe 2008/2009 for those who were late to the party.

I lost my Nike SB virginity back in 2004. If I remember correctly, the Unlucky Dunk High SB was my first cop. I wanted to cop the Lucky Dunks, but the skate shop in Little Five Points that sold everyone in Atlanta a pair of SBs at some point was holding the last pair (size 13) for Killer Mike. I was going to cop the 13 and trade for my size.

Funny thing is I remember seeing Killa Kill from Adamsville in that same pair at Greg Street’s first Sneaker Friends event in April 2006. That was back when Nike SB was everything!

Back then, you showed up to a sneaker function in Jordans, SBs, something vintage or limited edition. But for the most part it was Jordans and SBs.

I can’t remember the last SB Dunks I copped. Maybe it was the Skunks or Cheech & Chongs. I honestly don’t remember.

But I do remember the glory days. That I remember very well! It still makes me feel so good when I think about the days when Nike SB was the king. Think about it for a minute. Flashback to some of your favorite SB releases. Yeah, it feels good, right? Imma say pause after that because I don’t know who’s reading this.

As I was saying earlier, if things go as planned Nike SB might be boomin’ again.

Nike SB is pushing out re-releases with a twist and even brining back some OGs in true form. It’s wishful thinking for now, but only time will tell. I know one thing, all this SB talk makes me want to pull out a few pairs. Sounds like it’s time to UNDS my Purple Pigeons. Shout out Zahir! (you’ve been around a long time if you remember Zahir from ISS)

Alright, y’all know where I’m headed…

Today’s discussion topic is simple: what’s your Top 5 Nike SB Dunks?

Let’s chop it up in the comments.

Yes, you can even mention Blazers, P-Rods, FCs, etc. as honorable mentions.

Image: doreecebennett

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  • Ugh! This is tough. Off top, I’m going to say: Tiffs, De La Soul High, Slam City, Unkle, and Hunter Reese Forbes.

    That’s me being realistic, but I always wanted a pair of Paris Dunks. That photo above is unreal! Hurts my feelings just looking at it. That boy got SB lava!

  • Erosion

    BLACK Supreme, MELVIN(BLACK), Tiffany Low, Reese Forbes Denim, Batman Mid. I had to Frankenstein this list together. It was tough.

  • Heezyholly

    Pigeon for me tg I missed that drop

  • fook yo

    londons were actually a nice shoe in general. limited or not

    always like mulders
    weigers – as non limited as they were
    skate or dies get an honorable mention.

    also linoleum mids get a mention. i bought them at MIA skate on release day went extra early and all and nobody was waiting lol. the quality on those was INSANE! like high fashion quality. one of the last quality material SBs i think

  • That’s it?

    I haven’t worn my Pee Wees in YEARS!

  • I agree. Londons are dope, period! You are taking it back and shouts to MIA skate shop, I’ve def heard of them.

  • You still consider Pigeons to be a grail?

  • Ha! Gotta let em know you are not to be confused with the white Melvin Dunks. I’m assuming you’re going to cop the Denim Highs?

  • The Reginald

    anything in a silver box, hunters, and FLOMs.

  • Heezyholly

    Funny story my homie wanted to go to the drop but I said f it I knew it was gonna be ?s. It’s dope shoe and execution one of thr greatest collaborations. Would I pay resell nah lol if they drop again would I cop definitely is it on my kicks bucket list no.

    Paris dunks
    Flom dunks
    Tiffanys dunks
    And the back to the future

  • Ron Simms

    I didn’t get into the game until 2006, so I missed out on the initial glory days. But of the SB’s I was able to cop over time, my faves are definitely the Pee Wee Highs, Gibson Lows, Mondrian Lows, Iowa Highs, and Money Cat Highs

  • Laced Heat

    i remember Zahir dude made the Purple Pigeon patch to match the OG pigeons. Zahirjooma if I remember correctly was his handle.

  • Laced Heat

    The craziest thing is Doreecebennett has multiples of every one of those shoes. he has like 5 pairs of pigeons 4 pairs of Paris dunks etc. I remember trying to figure out how he can afford all this. Apparently he owns a denim company and has money to blow. Guys has a crazy collection. I think he made a youtube video about 5 years ago he even has 4 or 5 pairs of mags

  • Erosion

    Yes! I’m gonna try my best. For a bill, that’s a steal. Hopefully ppl aren’t so thirsty for them. And I own a Black pair of Melvins, the only ones on my list that I own. Those things are my pride and joy.

  • Slam

    Doreece….one of my absolute heroes when I was coming up in the sneaker world. Some people bag on him for having 10 + pairs of one sneaker. I thought it was baller.

  • Slam

    Also, De La Highs for me. But honestly, anything pink box

  • Dr. StrangePork

    I feel like most SB releases in the pink and silver box were best in quality and inspiration. I love the Jedis, Homers and Stussys. Hard.

  • C Brown

    Wait….were FLOM’s an SB’s?? Or did Fut do those for Recon only?? Speaking of Fut…I gotta say anything homie put his sig on….Dunkles….P-rod Futura…sign me up…Packs…nothing touches the Bears…wow beautifully executed….and the Pinancles of SB has to be the hand painted Paris….just a beautiful shoe….And sleepers….Piet Mondrian (beyond slept on)….Miss Pacmans (amazing use of 3m)……and MF Dooms….J Rods (Prod 1) in special mention….If SB didnt turn into a whore these would have remained GRAIL status…

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Man i hate that i can’t really go far back with the classic sb dunk joints. Just wasn’t on em til about 2009-10.

    But as far as what i KNOWS of…
    1. OG De La Soul hi
    2. Orange “Flashs” lo
    3. Orange Supreme
    4. Loden low
    5. Red/cmnt grey Supreme low

  • javi

    It don’t matter hype with your thirst all of them r on the top of your list?

  • OGedge
  • OGedge
  • OGedge

    My grails would include Paris Dunks too…. and freddy kruegers

  • Thad Greer

    Never ever have I been an SB guy, but if I had to pick a pair, I’d go with the Paris Dunk. Don’t really care about the history, hype, or value….I just think they look fresh.

  • Jay

    Tiffany SB low, de la soul high, 420 skunk, Futura flom, and the Paris SB. No particular order but those are my five.

  • SpecDotSign

    SB’s never left. The hype beasts just went away. Which is fantastic as SB’s are so much easier to cop these days. And I hope it stays that way.
    My list in no particular order
    Mork and Mindy’s
    Slam City’s

  • its actually a GR. the 3M black croc Dunks. so good. and dont see anything like it in a dunk. its kind of unmistakable

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)
  • Lol very true. But you have to admit that Nike SB lost a lot of their creativity.

    Wow! I almost forgot about T-19s.

  • Woooooow! I def didn’t know that.

  • Are you still searching for them or not trying to pay those prices?

  • Bang! Bang! Do you own Skate or Dies?

    I remember waiting those Brian Anderson Camos.

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    Yup…SOD on deck. I responded according to the pairs I refused to sell lol Only other (non SB) dunks I like more than these overall are the Undefeated NL from ’05 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7cc0c42f0b86a43c7f564f23d507afd493657e8ef2eae90cf0fcf9dd99fb17d1.jpg

  • mystic_wvy

    1) DOOMS
    2) Papa Bears
    3) Skunks
    4) Milk Carton Blazers
    5) When Pigs Fly & Quagmire’s

    6) Jedis, lol

    Got love for the Melvis, Pusheads, Uncs, and all those other funky pairs from the golden era that I need not mention too!

    …annnnddddd I guess the Statue of Liberty’s could fit up there too. Idk if it’s just me, but I can’t bring myself to purchase shtttufff that’s explicitly NY themed, since I’m not from there and have never visited the place…like ever, Lol.

  • SpecDotSign

    See I don’t know if I can agree with you there. The market has definitely changed. The reason why SB’s were so popular back then was because there really wasn’t any competition around. Now we have Mr. Feig killing it with his Asics and Adidas colabs, and even Jordan Brand has been coming at us with dope colorways and some cool colabs. And let’s not forget the Adidas (overhyped but very popular and somewhat stylish) Yeezys and Adidas’ rise to prominence these past few years. The game is more diverse than ever before. SB’s aren’t just hyped up as they used to be.
    I mean in the past few years we’ve gotten some cool stuff from SB such as the Salmon joints, the Chairman Bao’s, the “Box Series” joints just to name a few off the top of my head. I think it all comes down to availability now. These shoes are readily available so the “hype” has died down. Just look at the recent cement 4’s and True Blue 3’s. Both classics and og, but because they were so readily available and sat on shelves, they not “poppin” anymore. I’m glad Nike has done away with their limited releases. More kicks for everyone means we call can enjoy em. Hype or not.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • Ron Simms

    tiffany highs, firecrackers, SOMPs, supreme low 2s, 504s, quarter snacks, homegrowns, unheard of’s, year of the horse…sb been putting out that fire

  • OGedge
  • Solid points! But I do think Nike SB got lazy or strict at some point. IMO it seems like they stopped having fun or got lazy. Sure, there have a been a few here and there, but SB used to consistently drop heaters. The climate has def changed and I agree SB lost a lot of hype but some of that is their fault. At one point they kinda turned Jordan Brand on us and starting dropping waaayyy too many shoes. A lot can be said about the rise and quietness of Nike SB. I think people are ready for the next thing and it could def be SB back in the limelight if they make the right moves. I see them trying!

    I’m actually excited to see them make a comeback! Makes me want to wear SBs more often just talking about it.

  • Some good ones in there.

  • Silver box delivered some of the best.

  • Amen to that! I didn’t think so but I had to ask. Nice line up!

  • Lol I feel you on the NYC thing. You def need to make the trip one day.

    Woo! I remember the Doom hype. Skunk hype too! Milk Blazers hard!

    Pusheads ended 2005 on a crazy note – box and shoe had people losing it. But not hype quite adds up to the Tiffany SB Dunk – aside from Pigeon.

  • Got ya! Undefeated NL Dunk. You’re such an OG!

  • I remember those

  • Heated Top 5 there

  • Wow! You got great taste – Paris is still soooo fire.

  • You named some really good ones. I prefer Blue Supreme Dunk Highs

  • Yes, FLOMs def are SB. Never released to the public tho.

    I know you’re still sitting on SB heat.

  • Pink Box >>>>>>

  • Never heard of dude until I saw this pic. AMAZING!

    He’s an instant GOAT in my eyes. Geeeeez!

  • Which I could like this 10x. You’re absolutely correct. zahirjooma. He sold SB laces, purple pigeon and wu tang paces, cement socks, etc.

  • You got in at a good time tho! And the cool thing is you can always go back and cop what grabs your attention.

  • You are a wise man for skipping that madness.

    I don’t know a soul that doesn’t like Paris Dunks.

  • That is crazy! Didn’t know there were still so many fakes. You should be good on the Denim Highs, but I have seen an abnormal amount of interest around the release. In the event you miss out online, you should be able to swing by your local skate shop or Nike Store and cop.

  • Jay

    If I can ever get my hands on a size 13 Paris, Id probably stop buying sneakers

  • The Reginald

    T-19s were amazing. so pissed i bought the wrong size and they were too big. add Shimizu’s to that list of slept on Highs too.

  • Heezyholly

    They fly af buy that resell lol never

  • C Brown

    Never moved ANY pairs of SB’s…..you been around long enough so you know how this works….sneakers is cyclical….it will all come around again….I just found a pair of Marge Simpsons in my SB stash…forgot I even had those….

  • C Brown

    They cannibalized there own product to help local shops keep the lights on…we didn’t need 3-4 dunks per month plus a quick strike…that was a recipe for disaster…then Nike got greedy and started pushing the 6’0 line…and it just got weird and tense there between two skateboard divisions and offerings…all the sudden 6.0 has a BTTF sneaker before SB does???? Then Nike pushes out its SB line to footlocker (via CCS) and now you have SB’s popping up in the mall???? Soooo local skate shops started pulling back there accounts and product and slowly you saw the demise of SB…the fact that in the beginning it was ONLY skateshop is what made it cool…I ain’t never been on a board but I could tell you at least 10 skate shops between NYC and Philly that stocked SB’s…again we kept the lights on for a lot of those shops….Nike SB is dead for the same reason JB is slowly dying…you can’t just keep giving the people a dunk and changing the colors…how many dunks do you REALLY need???