When Is It Too Much?

The Nike Barkley Posite Max’s latest “Rayguns” inspired colorway has proven to be an example of how a company can throw many aesthetic features onto one sneaker.

Whether the multitude of details is a good or bad thing is in the eye of the beholder, but the Barkley Posite Max provides a strange narrative on how people’s opinions are so diverse when it comes to one thing, in this case, the shoe that does (or does not) too much.

The example above represents the topic to its fullest, as the Barkley brings a lot to the table. Multi-colored upper, 3M panel, special branding, and that’s just scratching the surface.

In some cases, it’s blatantly obvious that a brand is trying to mix everything they want together regardless if it works with the sneaker model and in others, despite having so many details to look at, the shoe somehow pulls it off.

Can there ever be too many details on a sneaker? 

Image: SoleAwesome

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  • Executive

    Shouldof asked this question when the frank ocean addition pink foams came out.

  • SBedge

    Its too much when a blogger wastes his time on asking the dumbest questions, and posting the gayest shoes

  • These are too busy.

  • shoe guy

    ii just want that shoe in loyal electric blue..

  • aSh

    Q: “When is it too much?”


    Thank You for playing!!!…

  • LOL @aSh


    No disrespect to anyone, but the 2012 doernbecher af1 is definitely a product of “doing the most”.

  • I guess it depends on what the designer was going for. The Adidas JS Eagles aka the totem poles have a lot going on but they work from a design point of view. At least I understand what he was trying to accomplish. I dont understand the Barkley’s though.

  • Thomas

    The sneaker too begin with is already ugly. Then this colorway puts it over the top.

    That being said, I absolutely love it. I hope everyone passes it up (they won’t, they’ll bitch and moan and then immediately buy a pair to resell) so I can get a hold of them.

  • omar najeeb

    Hey, hey! Lay off the pink foams. I got them joints & glad I got’em. But I do try to bring’em down by makin sure NOT to wear anything else with even the slightes sliver of pink on it. Lol
    Ex.of “too much”-bordeaux spi’zikes for me

  • Towelie

    AJF’s are 2much.

  • Shoe String Aling

    Everything going on now in the Sneaker Game is nearing the back end of overkill. Everything including Jordan brand is starting to make these fatal mistakes. The company outside of it’s Retro line can not come up with innovative design and fresh non rehashed ideas. Jordan has already over fed its consumers with release after release creating no “real” shortage. Now by adding Nike Air branding (Halfheartedly) Jordan sucks everyone back in. With a true Air Jordan series LOOMING JB is playing with its last deck of cards. On to Nike what can I say besides its been a huge let down when it comes to Retro Releases. Nike uses materials like Vactech as a cheaper material and it take less people to actually handle or aid in the making of a shoe. Still consumers have seen nothing but price increases and the sneakers actually cost less to produced. Shoes like this Barkley Hybrid only destroy the integrity of the Sneaker Game.

  • B-eazy

    these are too much yet 85% of you would say galaxy foams arent too much when they really are.

  • Prestige

    These shoes look absolutely disgusting! Nike def OD’d with this one

  • omar najeeb

    Good point bout the galaxy foams. The galaxy motif itself alright but could’ve been brought down lil bit wit dark outsole like a smoke or blac

  • .Kingston.

    HaHa TRU! @merlot

  • duke

    nigga please im straight

  • M

    I’ll gladly pass on these & cp the eggplants instead