When’s the Last Time You Were Excited for A Shoe Release?

I’m talking GEEKED!

It’s been a minute since the last discussion thread. I wanted to drop one every week, but I started running out of topics. That said, feel free to drop a comment with topic ideas.

Yesterday I had a conversation regarding lack of excitement around sneakers. Sure, there are still moments when people are genuinely excited, but it doesn’t happen often, in my opinion.

There’s a lot of reasons why we don’t see as much excitement as we used to. Too many releases, too many collaborations, horrible concepts/storytelling, bad product, and the list goes on and on.

But in the midst of the aforementioned reasons, there are still times when a shoe release gets people hyped.

So, when’s the last time you were excited for a shoe release? Not just “Oh, Imma cop those.” I’m talking about that I can’t wait to get my hands on these and rock them excitement. 

Share your story in the comments.

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  • I’ll kick this bih off.

    As I mentioned above, this idea was sparked from a convo I had yesterday. The conversation started around Ultra Boost. I said I feel like by now most people know about the shoe and appreciate the style/comfort. But it seems like the excitement has died down. That doesn’t mean people aren’t still coppin and rockin – it just seems like people don’t get as excited.

    But that can be said about a lot of newer models. Like I said, maybe it’s too many colorways or too many releases in general. Nonetheless, that’s how the convo started. I was then asked when’s the last time I was excited for a shoe release?

    That made me think for a bit because it doesn’t happen often. I feel like that’s natural when you’ve made your career/life about sneakers for the past 10 years, I think it’s common to not get excited as much.

    As I started to think, the first shoe that came to mind was the Atlanta Nike Air Trainer SC High, hence the photo above. Everyone who visits this site should know why and probably watched my A-Town approved unboxing video. That was a different type of excitement tho. It was just crazy to see an Atlanta exclusive Air Trainer SC paying homage to the 20th Anniversary of the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. CRAZY!

    Aside from the Atlanta Trainer, I was excited about the Cream/Chalk Ultra Boost. I was also pretty excited about the Toy Story x Vans collab. The Woody Old Skools are so hard!

    I would say that’s the most recent releases, and notice all those were from last year. Sure, there are other releases that I like, copped, and rocked – but these are the recent shoes that had me super thirst to get my hands a pair.

  • It was actually really recent for me.
    The Carhartt WIP X Converse Chuck ’70s. I’m a massive fan of both brands and geek over details. The execution was perfect. They were literally built like Carhartt work-wear. The white joints were built like twill painter’s pants, with brass hardware. The brown duck canvas joints were triple stitched and built like work jackets, and the camo ripstop cotton joints have military surplus tags correct to 1970s Vietnam military uniforms that used the SAME MATERIAL the shoes are made out of. Crazy.

  • Good topic. I absolutely feel you on the Vans X Toy Story collab. Vans collabs have gotten a little too frequent to keep me excited, but when they hit, THEY HIT.

  • aSh

    Silver AM97’s… That has been the only shoe recently that I’ve legit been excited for.. The min I got those, and seen the 3M rings “light up” I couldn’t stop smiling. Everything else hasn’t really had me hyped. Finally got a V2 Yeezy (Zebra) and I have yet to even care to wear it.. Most shoes I cant wait to bust out too..

  • FrostyTheCashman

    has to the Nike Hyperadapt for me. I was so pumped from the first time i saw them. Always been a fan of the air mag and the technological advancement of self tying shoes becoming a reality is something i wanted to be able to enjoy and wear myself. Given the air mag autolace version didnt release at retail, i thought i might have a slightly better chance at getting the hyperadapts. When i found out Niketown NYC was opening reservation time slots to reserve a pair, i made sure i didnt miss out. The time slots opened up at 10am on the same day the DB series released last year. Luckily most people were probably preoccupied trying to cop the DB 7’s, so i went to the last date available and entered all my info in as fast as i could and was stoked when i got confirmation of time slot. When i went to niketown, it was a complete VIP experience….got a bottle of Perrier while i waited and then got to check out my pair behind velvet roped off area just for me. They asked if i wanted to try them on and said “Of course i do!” . The staff said after the entire week, i was only the second person to try them on. While most people tried to flip the hyperadapts, i actually wanted them and still wear them often. Will never be getting rid of these from the collection, thats for sure

  • That’s awesome. I love when people are genuinely stoked to wear a new shoe for their own reasons. It sounds like you were as excited about those Hyperadapts as I was the first time Flyknit was introduced.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Prolly the Run-DMC SuperStars from 2011 commerating the 25th anniversary of the song “My Adidas”. Them, & of course, the 2011 aj 11 concord.. I was dumb-geeked especially since i already had em booked a month before the drop too.

  • Executive 777

    Definitely the cement 4’s, they did them right and it was around my birthday.

  • Executive 777

    Oreo yeezys too but paid resell, love that shoe and wore them in snow going to the grocery store.

  • curt diggler

    97 royal foams dropped on graduation day…nobody was on the wave yet, had to do it….but now im only geeked to catch pairs on sale….#teamfretail

  • Executive 777

    Those Bo’s need to be thrown in that pool.

  • Yeah because they are soooooooo wet!

  • Executive 777

    Hahaha! Well then, I’ll throw them in a fire to dry them off.

  • Capes

    Last year? The Space Jams XIs. Needed those.
    This year? Silver Bullet 97s. Needed those.

    Going forward? Those Flyknit Trainers. Will have.

    This was fun lol.

  • javi

    Don’t you mean your excited every weekend drop ????

  • OGedge

    Zelda Vans

  • Alvin Verdeflor

    The royals 1. Even though the last yeezy release for the masses was good too but im ok if I didn’t hit, but royals man was the last time i was excited for shoes. Upcoming releases? The black/red 3s with NA definitely.

  • valdeaunia

    Just last March! This was when Commonwealth had a collab with Asics and released a colorway based one of our tribes in the Philippines who kept their culture and traditions even today (as shown in their tribe’s art in the insole).

    My hype kind of died down a bit when I thought they were going to be exclusive only in their Philippines store, but then I got really excited when they announced they were having a global release, including famous Singapore retail shop Limited Edt (as I currently live here in Singapore). This was one of the only two times I woke up early on a Saturday morning just to purchase a sneaker (the other one were for the Shadow 1’s from 2013 lol).

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    By any chance, were you able to get em for less than retail?

  • No, I bought the brown ones and camo ones on launch. The white ones are still sitting tho. I’m hoping to catch them on sale soon.

  • Heezyholly

    Anytime they re release a air max pillar I’m geeked up like comic con

  • That’s what’s up! Thanks for sharing your story. I know how many people were disappointed when the MAG didn’t drop like we all thought.

    So the Hyperadapt was a great Plan B. Glad you’re enjoying them.

  • Thanks! Yes sir. They did a great job on Toy Story x Vans. I agree, Vans collabs a lot, but most of the projects are very niche. Sometimes with people I’ve never heard of, but a solid fanbase to support the collections.

  • Whaaaat?? Def thought you were going to say a SB or Jordan. Ok den!!

  • Damn! That was a long time ago. Geez!

  • You are not alone. I had no idea so many people were that excited about the Silver AM97. I thought it was fake hype, but people were really excited.

  • Ahhhh! That’s a shoe I didn’t expect to see mentioned. Salute to you!

  • Ha! That shoe in Neon will ALWAYS be fire!!!!!

  • Wow! Super dope. Thanks for sharing.

    And I passed on Shadow 1s but def regret it.

  • I’m surprised I’m just now seeing someone mention Royals. I wasn’t excited but I had to grab a pair. Thanks for joining the convo.

  • Lol. Nice! You touched on 2016 & 2017.

  • Lmaooooo. They are already fire flames so they will blend in perfectly.

  • Haaaaaa! I respect that. I’ll keep posting deals on here for sure.


  • Dang! Totally slipped my mind. That was def a great release.

  • Executive 777

    Lol! Had to have them.

  • Executive 777

    Hahahahaha! ?

  • Executive 777

    Ain’t no way I’m forgetting about those, especially years after those horrible 2012 joints? So so glad I returned those pieces of crap.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    It was fake hype. That shoe chilled around a lil’ bit last time around. Not all the MF’s that grabbed this time are true-real fans of that shoe. To me, that’s fake. They gone, but still…

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Ok cool. Thx on the info.

  • javi

    Calm down bitch it’s only shoes. You need to get your priorities straight and move out your parents house also?

  • javi


  • Capes

    All three shoes are timeless. They just happened to fall in those respective years lol.

  • Erosion

    Satin Royal 1s. Took an L in my hometown.

  • The last two 750’s… Was a nervous wreck. Been able to get multiples of all the others (post 2016) but 750’s have been tough. Was pretty thirsty for the 93/17 but the tongue ruined it for me after trying my pair on…

  • D2d

    Harden Vol 1. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them to play ball in. I copped on release but you could find them now for way less than retails which sucks. Before this, it was the, fila 96 retro (GH2) and all 3 pairs of the nike Air yeezy- took an L on all 3.

  • Executive 777

    Those damn midnight releases.

  • Executive 777

    Once the YouTube sneakerheads start fake gassing shit it’s a wrap, funny how all of them are passing on those red 5’s.

  • Ron Simms

    Is there actually a lack of excitement around sneaker drops these days? Because all the super fast sell-outs of anything remotely hyped says otherwise.

  • Heezyholly

    I love them and the Michigan joints my favorite of all time

  • OGedge

    nah… SB has been dead for years… I’m a retroactive collector, only buying past heat cheap now