Which Sneaker Are You Coppin’ Tomorrow?

The month of November is stacked up with hot sneaker releases. The hardest part about the release is which sneaker to cop. Set to drop tomorrow are a few colorways for the LeBron 10, Foamposite One, and the Air Penny 5. Setting off the release are a few Nike LeBron 10 colorways dubbed “Floridians” and the “Dunkman“. The latest version of the Dunkman rocks a earth-tone green upper, while the Floridians rocks a Fireberry/Metallic Silver color combination. Two more hot colorways added to the LeBron 10 colllection.

Next off, the anticipated Miami Dolphin-inspired Nike Air Penny 5 and the Polarized Pink Foamposite One’s is also set to release and will also be a great start to the Black Friday sales. As always, let us know in the comment section below if you were able to cop any of the sneakers mentioned tomorrow.

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-Air Penny V New Green/White-Safety Orange $165
-Air Foamposite One Polarized Pink/Metallic Silver-Black-White $220
-LeBron 10 Seaweed/Atomic Green-Hasta $180
-LeBron 10 Black/Metallic Silver-Total Orange-Fireberry $180

  • Jay

    Pink Foamposites. I gotta do it.

  • Shane D.

    Penny Vs. I’m good on the Foams.

  • gee


  • Penny Vs. Nothing else compares

  • John B.

    Penny V!! Does anyone know if those are HOH only?

  • aSh

    PENNY VS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    @ John B. Nike town too bro…

  • aSh

    Will buy the Floridans and DunkMans once they hit the outlets however… don’t see either (especially the DMs) selling out…..

  • Executive

    Copped 2 pair of penny’s today might try to scoop the latest ones tomorrow I also got 3 pairs of lebron 10’s and 2 pair of am 2012’s too, busy day for me.

  • Shoe String

    I am livid. I was planning on copping 2 of these shoes being released until I found out Eastbay isn’t doing phone orders anymore for Big Releases. That was going to be my only way of copping. I’m never buying anything through Eastbay, Footlocker, Champs, HOH, ever again. I got screwed on the last couple of releases as a result of this change in policy. I’m done with you Eastbay/Footlocker! So done!

  • omar najeeb

    Gotta get the pinks. Its on boy. Hporfully get’em early enuf to go cop sum’n else

  • bdogg

    none..got my black cements on reserve..very pumped!!!

  • mackmizzle

    I may cop the floridians and dunkmans… have to see them in person first though. i love the bron 10s


    You Already Know!
    Got a call today that I was picked from the HOH raffle for the Foams in my size, it’s funny I didn’t expect to get picked.

  • BorDoughBoy

    Pink Foams?. . . .Common gentlemen. Stop the group think. By the way you know they’re pink right?

  • Milyon

    If still looking for Air Penny V go to Foot Locker on 42nd st on broadway or go to eastbay.com

  • Milyon


  • Airjedi

    Down here in PR i don’t think the Brons ( Flor/DM) would get to the outlets so i pick up the Flor and put on layaway the DM.Pass on the Pennys to much bright gree/blue for me…would coop the Penny V “Suns” with discount 125.00 not bad.Also have my ticket for the bred 4.

  • Mr. Design Junkie

    Just copped the Dolphin Penny’s! Joints are CLEAN!

  • Lem

    None of them. Pink foams! HA! Cats will buy anything.

  • omar najeeb

    Bdogg. which 4s r u gttn? The breds or the cements? ‘Member one is not the othr. Get it rite, playboy